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Do You Know?

Posted by Zura on October 22, 2012

Sky is not always blue
Sun does not always shine
Road is not always thorny and narrow
Earth is not always mountain and river

Do you know?
That even after an endless darkness
And moonless night
Day shall come
And sun shall shine
Blue shall be the colour of the sky
And black shall bid us goodbye

Do you know?
That even after the wrath of raging storm
The world shall calm
Clouds shall open up
Revealing a glorious arch of glowing rainbow
Soil shall be fertile
And flowers shall bloom

Do you know?
That even after the never-ending thorny pathways
And dark wilderness
Earth shall spread out wide and clear
And you shall be lost never again

Do you know?
That behind the jagged and rocky mountain
And fast current of flowing river
A vast expanse of green field shall spread
And birds shall bring the news of peaceful abide

There is always joy after sorrow
Peace after pain
Smile after tears
Help and bless after trials
And answer for every prayer

Do you know?
That no matter what happens
God is always with us
He never leaves
Even if the whole world turns against us
Unfailing is His sympathy
Undying is His love

Hate Him not for your suffering
Deny not of His existence
For everything is merely a test
To measure how strong is your faith
And how much is your love
In Him
To Him
Lord of the whole universe
The Most Beneficent

Don’t you believe?
Ask your wounded conscience
And corrupted heart…

2 Responses to “Do You Know?”

  1. lovelyemz said

    This was really beautifully written Zura!🙂 I must say, you are such a better prose writer than I will ever be. I suck at poetry! ♥

  2. Loved it! Happy blogging!

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