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No Matter What Religion, You NEED to Watch This (Project BlueBeam)

Posted by Zura on May 21, 2012

So, I just want to share an interesting video I just found in YouTube. It’s quite shocking and I don’t know if this BlueBeam project is even exist, but if it’s real and currently running, then we better watch it really carefully.

I’d like to give my two cents about the video. It’s really amazing how they knew about that top secret project of the Illuminati and make a truth revealing video about it. It’s seriously mind blowing and never in my life would I ever imagine that HUMAN would be able to plan something so big like that. But I’d like to correct on the part when they said that when it’s happening, then we will see this. Muslim will see Muhammad SAW and Christian will see Jesus with their hologram whatsoever thingy. *I don’t really understand the sistem😛 *

I’m pretty much aware that Jesus is Christian’s God or one of their God. But if they think Muhammad is our God then they are totally wrong. Mohammad SAW is God’s apostle, so is Jesus AS. We love both of them, as well as we do to Adam, Abraham, Noah, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and other Allah’s apostles. We believe that Jesus AS will come down again one day to declare the bitter truth for some groups about what they believe all these years. So, that’s all I have to say about the certain part of the video.

Peace and Love,
Dewy Azura

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