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All Praises to You

Posted by Zura on March 9, 2012

By : Dewy Azura

You create us from a clot of blood
You teach us eloquent speech
You tell us everything which we know not
You make the Earth for us to rest
You lift the sky as a canopy
You send down the rain to grow every goodly kind of plants
You supply the air for us to breathe
You provide unbroken string of fortune for us to continue our lives
You bless us with health and perfect senses

You create tears for us to shed
To grace our fragile human heart
You adorn our face with smile
To put our human mind in ease
You bequeath mind into our brain
To make us a human of acknowledge
You put emotion into our heart
To make us a human with feelings

O The Lord of the whole Universe!
You give us everything, while we give You nothing
You give us everything, and you don’t even need anything from us
You remember us anytime, and we forget You often
You bless us anytime, and we deny You often
You send us warner, but we false them
You send us warning, and we ignore them

Lost in the sadness of our human problems
Blocking our eyes from seeing Your light
Lost in the madness of our human life
Turning us away from seeking You
Blinded by the sweetness of temporary life
Forgetting us from the life of eternity

It is You who make us live
And it is for You is our return
How can we be so disobedience of You
How can we disgrace our race from another kind of your noble creation
How can we let the evil whispers overwin our hearts
How can we let our profane desires overpower our minds

All praises and thanks to You
The Lord of everything that exists
You Alone we worship, and You Alone we ask for help
Guide us to the Straight Way
The Way of those on whom You bestow Your Grace
Not the way of those who earn Your Anger
Nor of those who go astray
Let we fall prostrate and draw near to You

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