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Posted by Zura on February 17, 2012

By : Dewy Azura

Drown in secular temptation
Drunk of the sweetness of sins
Dispassionate of seeking the truth
Fortifying unbreakable bastion of denial
Determined to create another lies
Until fall into the fens of wickedness
And proudly announce the world of nothingness

Until the Promised Day is come
And the truth is surfacing
And all lies is revealed
And shameful sins is shown
Then all repentance is but rejected
Then fall on knees in deep, deep loss

Losing the pride
Losing the trade
Losing the complacency
Losing the words

Shackled to the chore
Whimpering about amongst the ashes
Screaming, shrieking, to the top of lungs
Deep poignant, deep remorse
Sobbing in despair and repentance
Seeking for forgiveness
Pleading to trade the world for amnesty
But alas! There is no salvation, no debate
All this time had been witnessed
Now all repentance all but rejected
Right when the harvest time begins

Cursed were the people of the ditch
Ditching the blatant truth lied upon them
Ditching admonition warned to them
Ditching the chance to perform good deeds
Ditching the deepest conscience

When sat by fire
Witnessing the playback scenes of life
Witnessing things that have been done
To those who believe
Believe to the Creator, the All-Mighty
The One whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth
The Self-Sufficient Master, Whom begets not, nor was begotten
And there is non co-equal comparable unto Him

Before the day of reckoning come
Listen harder, Watch closer
Dig deeper the truth amongst lies
Peruse honorable recital
Perform righteous deeds
And say a prayer
May we have forgiveness and mercy from The Oft Forgiving
For each and every sins we have done
For each and every mistakes we performed
For we have gone astray in every breath we take
May we be among those who exalt
Not among those who fall
When nemesis is applied

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