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The Most Beautiful Qur’an Recitation I’ve Ever Heard

Posted by Zura on August 12, 2011

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb… (Peace be unto you, all my brothers and sisters)

I don’t know what’s gotten into me this morning. Actually I simply wanna read cheesy vampire romance novels in Wattpad as usual. But I really curious about this beautiful Qur’an recitation I’ve once heard in my office or somewhere else, I thought. It was really beautiful that I kinda forgot what I was supposed to do. So this morning, I do some research in Google in the hope that I will find one. And that’s it! Subhanallah! I’ve found this one. Maybe you guys know what Surah and ayat he recited? I really want to memorise those ayats and recite it as similar as possible as he did. As if I can…😥

Never once in my life have the idea to do this, to be an Hafidz Qur’an. I really want to be Hafidz Qur’an someday, what that’s so hard. But I think it’s like Mission Impossible. I should have started since I was little! :D I feel ashame of myself. And now I’m near 22 already. I’ve tried to memorise Ar-Rahman, though. but failed in the  middle of the Surah. Only stop in ayah 40s, that’s it, it’s blown up so I ended up in 30s hopefully. And I can’t recite in another melody but somewhat like Mishary Ibn Rashid Al ‘Afasy, because he really has beautiful voice but easy to listen and remember every Ayat he recites.

Anyway, I found these Qur’an recitations that made me cry. I felt the hairs on my neck stand on end to listen to it. I cried because I felt condemned, really ashamed of myself and I felt like I humiliate my own feeling by hearing that. I mean, how could a child remember every single ayat and recite it so beautifully?! Masha Allah…Astaghfirullah.. If that child is not guaranteed to be thrown to Heaven right away, I don’t know what about me. Maybe I will fall far away in HELL… Astaghfirullah…

So, no need to read my rants no more. Just check these out. They’re one of most beautiful Qur’an recitations I’ve ever heard. Maybe you want to suggest another? Hopefully recited by a girl or a boy? They broke my heart to million pieces and hit my pride hard.😥 I REALLY ENVY THESE KIDS! But, May Allah always pour His Blessings to these kids and hopefully grant my wishes to be like them one or another day. Amiin…😛

2 Responses to “The Most Beautiful Qur’an Recitation I’ve Ever Heard”

  1. thanks you’re post…

  2. jafar said

    i want quran

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