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Ramadhan Award 2011

Posted by Zura on August 11, 2011

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb… (Peace be unto you and so many mercy of Allah and His blessings)🙂

First of all I must say Happy Ramadhan Mubarak for those who are celebrating and performing. For today is the 11th day of fast and will be 12nd by tonight, I wish Allah SWT will always pour His blessings and forgiveness to all of us, and accept all of our imperfect ibadats (devotion practices). I mean by the time passed, let’s improve our ibadah more and more by doing good deeds, for Insya Allah by the end of Ramadhan, Allah will bless us forgiveness for our past sins and we can be the Winner for all of trial that we’ve been through in Ramadhan and back to be a Pure Soul again…🙂 Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin

As come to my surprise, a friend of mine, Yori, has been kind for visit this boring blog and give me a surprise Award. One that I have never dream of to get one. Although I had receive an Award once upon a time that I don’t even remember the exact time. Ah, I don’t  mean to be exasperate about it, it’s quite a long time ago though.:) So, Alhamdulillah this poor blog received a Ramadhan Award, so may I present the Award:🙂

Many thanks to the Awarder.🙂

As per the rules that once we received the Award, we should forward it to others along with the messages as follows:

1. Let’s recite as much as Ayah in Holy Qur’an as much as you can for one word is worth tenfold award by Allah, Insya Allah.🙂 I’ll try my best to do this and hopefully I will finish it by the end of Ramadhan. Amiin

2. For my friends who will be awarded, please put this Award to your blog by insert the following html code:

<a href=””><img border=”0″ src=”; /></a>

3. I gladly present this Award to my friends as follows (I’m sorry, I mean to give away the Award to all of my Muslim friends, but by the lack of network and silaturahim, I pick 4 friends of mine randomly, if any of your are Muslim, please accept and post the award in your blog too😉 ):

For my dear friends who received the award, please do me a favour by forward this award to your friends along with these 4 points of rules.😉

4. For those who received the award, please also bring the following Special Gift 2 into the post and attach the download link too so you can use it to give perspective about ibadah you’ve been performed during Ramadhan. Just copy the following article.


Ini ditujukan bukan hanya buat Narablog yang menerima award ini saja, tapii semua pembaca blog sekalian.
Special Gift 2 ini adalah sebuah APLIKASI SEDERHANA untuk memantau, meng-evaluasi serta menghitung-hitung amalan yaumiah kita selama Ramadhan. Sebab, ramadhan bukan saja sebagai syahru shiyam, tapi juga sebagai syahrul qur’an dan syahrul jihad. Seperti yang sudah disabdakan Rasulullaah, bahwasannya arang siapa yang mendirikan Ramadhan dan berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan dengan keimanan dan penuh perhitungan, maka diampuni dosa-dosanya yang telah berlalu. Jadiiii, program sederhana ini membantu kita untuk menghitung amalan yaumiyah  kita selama ramadhan…
Program ini tak memerlukan proses installasi  dan bebas virus, insya Allah…
Tapiii, hanya bisa digunakan untuk para pengguna MS. Office 2007 + (insya Allah udah pada 2007 kan yah? hee…

Silahkan download di sini :

So finally, I’ve done my responsibility and now it’s YOUR turn to grab the Award and do the favorable rules.😉

Dewy Azura

3 Responses to “Ramadhan Award 2011”

  1. thz kawan…happy nice day………………..
    salam hangat dari bluethunderheart

  2. vannisa said

    Hi zura….
    mohon maaf lahir & batin juga ya🙂

    Ramadhan Award??? waw berasa artis aja dapet award… hhe,,
    anyway thanks a lot for sharing….

  3. ass.Syukron mba atas apresiasinya, maaf sempat vakum hehe..insyallah ana ambil, jazakumullah..

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