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Explain the name of your blog and why you chose it

Posted by Zura on August 9, 2011

Hi all! Long time no post and of course I AGAIN have disobeyed the rules of Postaday 2011 challenge by not present any single post a day.😥 Forgive me but I have no time and idea what to write.

So, in regards to Postaday 2011 challenge topic #214, may I present my AWESOME answer. hehehe

This blog is no my first, though. The first time I blog is all about simple major teenager things and I blogged with Blogger.  But the time I learn about WordPress, I think I fell in love with it then start to blog with it. I kinda confused about what to choose for the name. That time, I wanna start a blog in English, not my mother tongue (Bahasa Indonesia).

I got an inspiration about the name from my Gang name when I was in my Senior High. Oh YEAH! I may not a popular neither a nerd, but I maybe considerable as one of those smarty-quite-popular-but-not-for-the-entire-school students (narcissism mode: on!). So, I was in two different Gangs of School girls. My first Gang named On Off, yeah I knew it’s kind of weird and no special aura in it, but I enjoy my presence in this one coz they accept me for who I am even though we were not always together, we’re in different classes actually. Then my second Gang was named B031. Alright I’ll DO the explanation.😉

B031 is the short for Boisterous (for B) Olin, Ola, Oya (for 03), and Ila (for 1, myself). Isn’t that AWE-SOME! Complicated, yes. Yah, that time we’re kinda crazy, we hang out a lot together and imagine and do crazy things after schools, but none of them were for bad purpose. Trust me, I WAS and AM a good girl!😀 And during my present in this Gang my grade was somewhat turned down.😦 But, doesn’t matter, I have my fun.

So that’s why I named this blog as Boisterous Girl. Because my purpose for this blog is to be my virtual only diary that whenever I want to pour my rants, I will be able to keep it and see it sometimes in future without losing it, unlike a real diary where we must we keep it carefully so it will not be missing in future. And of course for the right place to do the clipping quote thingy.

I think that’s enough for an answer. Now it’s YOUR turn dear my fellow Postaday or Postaweek 2011 Challenge friends to response this Challenge and make it a post in your blog.

Keep the blogging spirit on and Happy Ramadhan for those who celebrate and perform it!😀

2 Responses to “Explain the name of your blog and why you chose it”

  1. makasih postingnya…salm kenal…

  2. […] since the last time I answered to DailyPost’s Prompt. What was that? Oh, it’s “Explain the name of your blog and why you choose it“. And that challenge was due on August 9, 2011. Whoa! Where have I been all this time? […]

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