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Is it possible to know someone too well?

Posted by Zura on July 20, 2011

With my writing desire like this, I’m concern to be able to write a post a day. Maybe I should go for Post A Week Challenge one.🙂 But it doesn’t matter, though. I’ve tried at least!

So, today I’d like to take challenge topic #189 “Is it possible to know someone too well?”

My answer, yes it is!

Since we are talking about someone, then my shot is my mother. This bond is to strong with her. She knows me too well. It’s so hard to hide something from her. It’s like, whenever I feel happy or sad or disappointed, or I have a problem, she always knew how to make me talk about it. Even though she’s not very good at giving advice, trust me, but I feel like the weigh on my shoulder is kind of lifted as I talk to her. At least I have a few options about things.

And vice versa, I knew my mom too well too. She’s kind of exaggerated person who always think overly over something. If she had a problem, she will cry a lot about it. Different with me, I will never think about a problem for more than one day. If it is too hard for me, I’ll cry, otherwise, forget it. There is nothing to be worried about. Just accept that it is my fate, go with it, and do something to make me feel better to through it. Life is simple, isn’t it?

3 Responses to “Is it possible to know someone too well?”

  1. Aslm Zura… such a long time I missed your blog🙂
    I my self didn’t update my blog within last two months

    Yes… it is possible, but quite difficult and tricky, perhaps… Sometimes, I am not sure whether I know my self well… Such a difficult question for me. There’s a few parts of me I don’t really understand

  2. Hello Zura… I come again, bringing you a special award. Its ramadhan award. Please kindly refer to this page

    Hope you like this… and make the follow-ups🙂

    Happy ramadhan…

    • Zura said

      Alhamdulillah, thanks a BUNCH for the award!😀
      I would be glad to grab the award and do the favorable rules.🙂

      Happy ramadhan too for you and May Allah pour His blessing to us, forgive all of our sins and accept all of our good deeds. Amiin ya Rabbal ‘Alamiin…

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