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We Moved Out

Posted by Zura on May 10, 2011

This is kind of surprise. I do not have the whole idea nor I could guess that we will be moving this fast, I didn’t manage this. I had planned that if I will have to move out from this house it means that I will occupy in my own house. But fortunately this messed up things had appeared to the ground so I have to make up my mind and once again, make a decision, things that I hate.👿 Here I will try to summarize the story.

It started on Friday morning when I text the owner of my house complained about the water pump via my mother’s cellphone. It has no function anymore since last two weeks, the water wasn’t coming up for days forced us to use water well bucket to get some water. I knew this is just misunderstanding between us, though. Conflict of interest. But, they left us us no choice except tell the house owner to fix their water pump, or we would call random mechanic so he could fix it, about the applied fee, would be charged to house rent. Because the pump seems will never ever ever be fixed even though we have fixed them thousand times. Yeah, the house owner had several times to fixed the pump and sometimes change them, but it still keep broken by three months of using, at most.

Friday morning still when I had arrived at office for couple hours, suddenly my brother came to my office told me that the house owner had replied my message, he said that we have two choice. First, we have to fix the water pump by our-self and charge not to the house rent, or we have to find another house to rent.  What?! How rude! As long as I remember, he had implicitly kick us out of the house for couple times, and I think it’s just a warning. Still because the same case, the broken water pump. But this time, my mother has lost her temper so she assigned me to find another house to rent😛, because poorly we can’t afford to buy a house😦, still planning for it and hope we can afford it the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012 (Amin Ya Rabb…)

Literally, I have found the prospective house, it’s located near to my house, only less than 2 minutes walk maybe. And the rent is lower than this, of course it will help me financially. Back to Friday morning, after we received the message from the house owner, everybody in the house (exclude me) gathered to discuss what to do. But suddenly Tante Upik (she is the one who collect the house rent) came to our house to give some advices about this problem. Maybe the house owner (Om Aung) gave her a call, I don’t know. My mother told her that he left us no choice but to move out this house and find another. And Alhamdulillah, by this case she offered her sister’s house for us to rent, since it has not been occupied for four months.  My mother was curious and tent to agree. Then my brother (Oky) and Tante Upik went to the house for Oky seen whether it fits for us. Oky was falling in love with the house and he went to my office telling me about the whole story and ask me to see the house as short as possible with him. I was interested and ask permission to my office partner for it, just a moment. Me too fall in love with the house because it seems perfect for us, physically and financially (because the house rent is absolutely same with our current house). So be it, we moved out on Saturday after cleaned up the house in the morning and made sure that the water pump is working so the same problem will never happen again. Alhamdulillah everything is checked and cleared up so in the afternoon, we execute it, I mean, we move out. WHAT AN EXHAUSTING DAY…!


I will upload the rest of the story later.

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