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PostaDay: If you could pilot any vehicle, real or fictitious, what would it be?

Posted by Zura on April 13, 2011

This is my response for DailyPost topic#97 :

If you could pilot any vehicle, real or fictitious, what would it be?

Nice question…🙂

I have two option, real and fictitious.

In my real life I can only drive bicycle and motorcycle because I own them. But car? I really wish that I could drive a car, no matter what type of car or what brand it is. Why, because of my job demand. Let me tell you the complication. In my office I am the only person who cannot drive a car and that is a matter for me. If there is nobody in my office and I should visit Customer while there is a stand-by car, I will be dizzying around on how could I go there, what if I visit it later, should I take my motorcycle so I could go there, won’t I be late, what about the entrance procedure for motorcycle, what if I take Taxi, would my partners believe me, will my bill be paid…  Gagz! Of course, it will not be okay.

Now let’s think that everybody is in the office and I have to go to Customer as soon as possible but no one is willing to accompany me? I’m not asked them to be a driver for me, just as an accompany as that is part of their duties too. Believe or not, I was in that condition several times and that’s why I really wish that I could drive car so that penny things would not be happen anymore in future.

In fictitious way, imagine that we’re not living such this condition which is so many rules and limitation to visit a place, coz we’re stringed in local and international laws… Pay tax, complete required documents, long process, etc. What I mean is, imagine that we’re  living in ancient time where is no such ridiculous laws. LOL…😀 I wish that I could pilot a giant, strong but cute dragon, or butterfly, or pigeon, something like tha may be, which no need fare, maintenance routine costs, all things that could keep them alive is to feed them with every delicious meals we are able to give them, which can take me to every place I want, and with every one I want.:lol:

What an imagination…

Now, would you share your response to this question rather than just read and leave this page? Feel free to leave comments or just post it in your blog.🙂

Have a blessed day…

4 Responses to “PostaDay: If you could pilot any vehicle, real or fictitious, what would it be?”

  1. Jackie Paulson 1966 said

    This is a nice blog and I love the blog setup. The colors too! I would love to pilot a stealth jet.

  2. Lia said

    I Love the blog setup, pink my love

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