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PostaDay: What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

Posted by Zura on April 12, 2011

This post is made to response DailyPost Topic#93,

“What Would Your Profession Be If You Didn’t Need Money?”

Wow, that’s another mind-fantasy-catching question from DailyPost. I love imagining, dreaming, fantasy thing is my stereotype.🙂

Although my answer for this question may vary, but related to things I have in my mind now my answer would be, an Exceptional Daughter, Friend, Wife, Mom, or Grandmother, depend on what age or what condition would I be.

If money isn’t a matter at all, as a Single, I will do everything to pleased my parents and my brother, give them whatever they want in every positive ways,  be a good daughter and sister all at once to them. To treat them well, take them to Mecca so we can do pilgrimage and Umrah. I will awake early so I can perform Subh Prayer and sleep later to perform Isya to Tahajjud Prayer. In between, I will perform all prayers in Mosque. During spare time I will mix with the poors so I can share my happiness to them, as part of all wealth I gain is theirs. I will fully dedicate my time for Allah and human beings…

As if I am a Wife, I will do everything to pleased my husband, service him, bring him all things he want, do things he wish, obey him, all things to do with Ibadah.

If money doesn’t matter, then I will wish for Allah will take my soul immediately so I can live in the real life, like a newly baby-born to a better life where there are only love, piece, prosperity, and happiness among us forever after.🙂

2 Responses to “PostaDay: What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?”

  1. What a nice comprehension about life…
    But, I think you should not wish Allah takes your soul immediately.
    We got lots to do in Earth, Qur’an clearly says it.
    We have responsibilities other than working for living.
    We don’t live this life for money don’t we..?
    We live, in here, to gain as much as possible store we’ll need in akhirat

    Nice post anyway🙂

    • Zura said

      thanks da yori…🙂
      You’re absolutely right, we’re not living for money.
      As khalifah in this world, we have so much things to do, one of them is to perform our duties.

      We live in this world but for a while, thus we must take and use our time wisely so then we will not be among those whom regret.

      I wish for Allah will take my soul immediately only if, I didn’t need money anymore and I’ve pleased Allah, people I loved,and people and things around me…

      If not, the only thing I wish is that I could be a perfect Muslimah which is the best jewelry in this world. As I am now so far away from that…😀

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