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Desired Snow White for Snow White & The Huntsman

Posted by Zura on February 24, 2011

I see people are gossiping around who is the best actress to represent Snow White role on “Snow White & The Huntsman” that will be released on 2012. As we can see on IMDB, Selena Gomez is rumored to represent the role. Another news, Kristen Steward is still on negotiation. And Emily Browning was just joint the cast past weekend. Hmmm, what a difficult choice, huh? In my opinion, Snow White is combination of cute, beauty, soft and so girly. Her skin is as pure and white as snow, and her lips is as red as blood. And another characteristics we can imagine about Princess. Okay, let me talk about them one by one.

Respectively speaking, Kristen Stewart is beautiful and her acting skill’s very good. You can see her in Twilight Saga, she represents Bela role very well. But for Snow White? Oops, hold on! I have to admit that Kristen Steward is beautiful, her skin is good, nothing wrong with her. But for a Princess role? Not a chance! I’m sure there are lots of choice out there…

Now let’s talk about Emily Browning. The first time I knew about her when she acted as Katie Harwoon in “Ghost Ship”, remember the look of below picture?

I just like her, she cannot hide that beauty in her cold looks. Above is the picture when she still was a child. But wait, what about below pics?

Duh? I think that is how a Princess might looks like…

Let’s turn to Selena Gomez. The first time I knew about Selena that she is a cute girl. No matter with short or curly long hair, she is still nice. She has the innocence Snow White look and additional point, she can sing… Ummm, I think this choice would not be bad…

What about you, guyz? Who is your preferable Snow White?

Kristen Stewart - Emily Browning - Selena Gomez

But frankly speaking, if I’m in Universal team, I’d rather choose Camilla Belle… She is extremely gorgeous…😀


3 Responses to “Desired Snow White for Snow White & The Huntsman”

  1. Anyway… I don’t really know all of ’em but Kristen Steward and Selena Gomez, not quite but enough to comment:mrgreen:

    Selena Gomez: she acts very well in Ramona and Beezus, Wizard of Waverly Hills, etc. But I ain’t really sure whether her talent suit Snow White & The Huntsman. Ya, perhaps…

    about Kristen Stweard, I ‘m with you. She ‘ll just never suit the role of a princess.

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