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When You’re Feeling Down, What Music Cheers You Up?

Posted by Zura on February 23, 2011

When the first time I read this idea presented by DailyPost, I found myself really want to answer that instantly then write it into a post that I would publish on my blog. But in fact, I didn’t do that. Why, because I do not have idea on how do I re-tell what I already have in my mind.

But today I finally decide to answer that in this blog. When I feel very dissolve in sorrow, the first thing I’d do is crying and crying out loud in my heart. I never want anyone know that I’m crying, not even in my home. If I’m in the office, I’d go to the toilet so that I can cry till then I satisfied, and I don’t care how long it takes for me from being there and don’t care what people might concern what I’m exactly doing. Yeah, woman sense… You must be understand, or you will be with me.

About music, I seldom listen to it unless I’m really alone and I have nothing or no one to tell what I really feel, or maybe that person can’t see how sad I am to be in this misery, if I can’t hold these tears and I don’t know what to do anymore, then I’ll listen to it.  The first song I would listen is Pop Rock or Rock Alternative. I like listening songs by Evanescence, Daughtry, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears (old songs), 3 Doors Down, etc.  It helps cheer me up again.

I ever once drowning in sorrow, when me and my boyfriend were fighting and he pouted so he decided not to answer my call nor reply my message moreover come to my house, I feel so deprived all day long. Then on midday, I listened to Evanescence album titled “The Open Door” and I sang these songs outloud:

  1. Call me when you’re sober
  2. Sweet sacrifice
  3. Weight of the world
  4. Cloud nine
  5. All that I’m living for
  6. Going under
  7. My Immortal
  8. Bring me to life
  9. Everybody’s fool
  10. Broken

As you know that Amy Lee vocal is really high so we will difficulty in singing in such high tone, but I did. I CAN match her high voice with the music goes. I don’t care with what my neighbors would say about this, really. One thing, I really need to threw out all of these emotion and tears. That was the first time in my life, singing almost all songs in one album and all is about rock. It happened three years ago, and now I’m still with  him.🙂


One Response to “When You’re Feeling Down, What Music Cheers You Up?”

  1. I think crying is sometimes a good release and only when our tears are spent do we feel better. When I feel sad I listen to the music of Mariza…she is a Portuguese fado singer and it is music of the “soul”

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