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What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home?

Posted by Zura on February 18, 2011

The farthest destination I ever traveled as long as my life would be Bali, in the moment of Team Building which conducted every year. Ironically, even though I visited Bali, I only visit one Sea which in Jimbaran area, when we were going to have dinner in there. Such a dirty area, there are too much trashes everywhere in the sand, but the dinner, soooo delicious! Another outdoor area was Ubud, when we are about to do rafting.

Before I work in Imeco, during my school year, the farthest place is Bandung, West Java. As you can discover in my biography, I was an Ambassador of my school and my Province to compete in Bandung for a Vocational High School competition which held each year by Government, and the contestants come from all over Indonesia representing their Province.

I would not share my experience during that competition since it is a long story and there are too much to be told. Can you imagine when every students in your Country (mine is Indonesia) is about celebrating their victory from passing final exam while are you here, with another friends that you never know before, are in the bus road back to hotel after competition is almost over? Well, I can’t say that was fully “after competition” whereas in fact, we were going back after visited Tangkuban Perahu mount and Strawberry Gardens in Lembang. It was the day after competition, and we were about to be guided to local museums such as Museum Asia-Africa and another historical sites. However, our teachers decided to held self-tour to Tangkuban Perahu and another cool sites rather than joint them on such bored agenda.😀 After all, I thought that I feel a little bit lost because I couldn’t visit Asia-Africa Museums, though.🙂 But it’s okay, I had my satisfactory enough in there…

Yeah, Bandung then now Bali, is the farthest place that I ever traveled from home, which is Pekanbaru.

2 Responses to “What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home?”

  1. vannisa said

    wah zura…jalan” ke bali ga ngajak”..asik tuh kyanya..hho~
    kapan ke bandung sist?
    aq domisili d bandung..

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