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Have You Ever Lied About Your Age? Why?

Posted by Zura on February 14, 2011

Talking about age is maybe some kind of sensitive topic by some people, but not me. I picked this question from DailyPost today in the hope that some people out there would willing to answer this question too with me.🙂

Frankly, I almost never lie about my age to every person who might ask about it because I’m pretty confident to answer that question, except one day, as long as I can remember. That time, when me and my boyfriend were visiting a lake, a group of people tried to terrorize and squeeze us to get some money. I don’t remember the date or when was it, but it’s around last two years ago… They asked us so many questions such as who we are, what are our names, where we lived, how old are we… And I had nothing to say but to hide my own identity. Summarily, we were forced to give them a fund to clearing up a mess around that environment. I had no choice but to gave them what I currently had in my pocket, that was Rp. 50.000 … I had nothing left, then. It was the baddest day in my life… Seems I don’t want to remember it BUT it happened, how can’t I remember that? That is the reason why I don’t want to visit that lake anymore ever since…

And what about you, guyz? Did you ever lie about your age? Tell us…

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