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Could You Live Without the Internet?

Posted by Zura on February 9, 2011

If someone ask you this Question, let say the person is me,  what will be coming up in your mind? Could you? or Could not you?

Internet has lived in our life like a pulse. Nothing in every aspect of our life that we do not use Internet for. Like correspondence, no matter you are a businessman or a youth, you gotta have an Email. You want to have some information about something, you will ask Google for that. You want to buy a product, no matter what it is, you will search it on Internet where, why, and how to buy. You want to interact with your old friends or search for a new one, you will use Social Networking like Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, MySpace whatsoever. You want to write something that you wish it will be seen by anyone else outside your own environment, or you want to write something that you wish nobody in your world would know about it, you will do Blogging to keep it.  In conclusion, it can’t be denied, that Internet has been a “Part” of our life that we can’t live without (for some people).

As for me, my answer for that question will be a Big No No!!!! Even though I’m not a entrepreneur (but an employee, yes), Internet is important for me. Mostly I use Internet for emailing, browsing, download MP3 or new released movies, searching information, Google Translating if I’m stuck what to write in English, and much more. It’s like, for my 8 hours in office, mostly I spend my time right in the front of computer doing my virtual activities. What will be happened if there is no Internet? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Till now I do not have any idea about that.

Now, would you share your opinion?



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