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What I am Looking Forward This Three Months

Posted by Zura on January 19, 2011

I’ve been stressed out this past weeks, and it’s really forced me to be a mature person, to choose a decision. My head is spinning round and round with all of these demands of life. Hah! I really want to yelling out loud so that all burdens can keep moving out of my head.

How could that be? You must think. As you can see in my previous post that I’m not ready to getting older, feel comfort as a child or teenager, not an adult. And now I have to think and act like an adult, make decision for such dead or alive future. LOL😆, I’m just kidding, guyz. But, yeah… I really feel like that in these past few days. Job demands, I have to start searching a College to continue my study. As you know that I only Vocational High School graduated. People might see me barely with their one eye. Oh yeah? I think I’m not that bad compare with another University graduate. Sorry, no offense. I said that because I’ve proved my words, for several persons of course. Not for all of them.😀 Maybe you can say it is for entertain my mind. Whatever. And I can’t afford it. You know, education is expensive.

And in my real life outside my working world, I only rent a house which so many problems attached in. Especially about water. God, from the first time we live in there, the problem must be the same, water. Actually, the pump. As our 3 years living there, the first thing makes us stressed out is the rent fee keeps increasing year by year. We can’t afford it further more. It’s too much for me to afford it, coz my debt is not only the rent fee. And my salary isn’t enough to pay all of them, not even see the bill.😛

As my third concern would come as expectation for owning a plot of land. A friend of my father’s offered us a land of almost 2,5 hectares in very low price. How couldn’t I be attracted? I MUST apply for such unsecured loans to have it. Yeah, what’s the alternative do I have? None!

So for now, things I am looking forward this three months are:

  1. My unsecured loan application to buy that ground will be approved, and
  2. A cheap second house to buy. Of course with apply home ownership credit from Bank, or
  3. Buy a new national housing (Perumnas), same with the 2nd point by applying home ownership credit. Or,
  4. Rent another house.

What is another option do I have outside those 4 to get out from this confusing circle of life? Whoa, I think I’m too over thinking.😀

2 Responses to “What I am Looking Forward This Three Months”

  1. Thanks for a great post and your article is best i have ever seen.

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