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Poll : Does everything happen for a reason?

Posted by Zura on January 17, 2011

Today I gladly wish to answer and share a big question shared by DailyPost, Does everything happen for a reason?

In my opinion? Yes, absolutely. Everything that happened yesterday, now, and tomorrow was planned by Allah SWT. Nothing in this Universe could happened without His permission. Besides, everything that exists including their destiny has been well written in al-Lawh al-Mahfuud. As a Muslim, I believe in Qada and Qadar.

Even if one day I will write this post and every single characters I would type, it’s been all written. What happen to everything else? Like Earthquake, Tsunami, flood and any other disaster may happen to our world. Or happiness or good memories we all have in our mind. What we have done yesterday, what we do now, and what will be happen tomorrow, everything DOES happen for a reason. But of course, there is fate that we can never change, and there is something that we can change based on how hard we struggle for it. As a men, Allah has give us brilliant mind to think which is good or bad, which is right or wrong. Life is all about choice, you have to be sure that you have picked the right choice not only for you, but for anybody and anything else that exists. Coz it’s all for your own good. Like I said before, you can change some of your future fate by doing your best NOW. Your future reflects what you are doing now.

What about you guyz? Choose your answer below.

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