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5 Web Traffic Advice Tips

Posted by Zura on January 14, 2011

Whenever you read or hear any web traffic advice you almost always get the same old cliché about traffic being lifeblood of websites, etc; as if you don’t already know that! The reason you’re reading anything like this article is to find out just how you get that traffic right? Okay, so here are the top five methods I’ve found for driving traffic to your website.

Free Web Traffic Advice

You can get traffic by paying for it or you can get it for free. Paid traffic methods have their place but it wouldn’t make any sense at all to ignore the free methods. So this article privides web traffic advice on getting free traffic.

Web Traffic Advice Tip #1 – On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, often seems like something of a black art. This perception has probably come from the lack of information about the search engine’s ranking algorithms. Google is still the most popular search engine on the planet but nobody outside of Google know exactly how the search engine ranks the sites that it indexes. You can get some good web traffic advice from Google itself but the ranking algorithms remain a closely guarded secret.

Having said that, it’s not difficult to apply SEO techniques that are known to work. It’s estimated that Google applies around 200 different criteria to web site rankings. But you really only need to concentrate on a handful of techniques for on-page SEO in order to rank as long as you choose a keyword or key phrase that does not have too much competition. This article isn’t specifically about onpage SEO but you can read about it on another post on my blog; see the link below.

Web Traffic Advice Tip #2 – Article Marketing

If you’ve been around Internet Marketing for any length of time you will have heard a lot about Article Marketing. The problem is that most people, when they offer web traffic advice, only tell you about writing an article and putting it on an article directory; as if that alone is going to drive hoards of people to your website. There are a few things to think about with article marketing that will increase your visibility to your audience:

Article Marketing Web Traffic Advice

1. Do some on-page SEO on your article.

Search engines love article directories because of the constant stream of fresh content. Make your articles stand out for specific search keywords so that more people can find them.

2. Be consistent with your article submissions

It won’t do a lot of good to just submit one article and sit back waiting for the traffic. You need to submit articles in your niche regularly.

3. Submit to multiple article directories.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of article directories online. You can submit to as many as you wish. If you are concerned about duplicate content on the web (some believe search engines penalize duplicate content), you can run the article through article spinning software; just do a sanity check on the spun articles for quality.

4. Transcribe your article to other formats.

You can create a presentation from the article then make a video from the presentation for Video submission sites. You can also put it into PDF format and mp3 format to get your article out to as many places as possible.

5. Make sure you have a link back to your website in the article.

Article marketing directories usually allow two or three links in the BIO box of the article. Use these to your advantage! Get your keyword set up in the bio as the anchor text in a link back to your site (Anchor text and basic HTML are subjects for another article). And don’t forget backlinks when you post video, mp3 or any other format.

Article marketing is an art in itself. I hope these few tips are useful to you but there is much more that can be said about article marketing

Web Traffic Advice Tip #3 – Off-Page SEO

There are two sides to Search Engine Optimization. We’ve looked at on-page SEO now let’s take a look at off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is all about backlinks. Backlinks are the currency of web traffic. You can get backlinks from a variety of sources. Two of the most common are social media and blogs.

Whenever you set up an account on a social media site, check for the website address field in the profile you set up. Put your website in here for an instant backlink to your site. Remember to get some backlinks into posts and micro blogs when you can. Don’t overdo it though. Social sites are meant for social interaction. Interacting with your audience will do a lot more for your marketing efforts than simply blogging for backlinks.

The same web traffic advice goes for blogs too. Any comments I get that are just backlink spam are quickly deleted. Find blogs about your niche and join in the conversation. If you can get some buzz going on your subject, others will pick it up and pass it on. You could be surprised at how quickly your backlinks start to go viral if you just comment something that catches people’s interest. And don’t forget forums! You can post comments on forums too; or better still, answer questions related to your niche. This not only gets you backlinks but promotes you as a leader in the field as well.

Web Traffic Advice Tip #4 – Blogging

It seems like everybody has a blog online these days. But not everybody knows the value of maintaining a blog. The search engines love fresh content. Keeping a blog up to date on your site means constantly updating the site with new, fresh content. This need not be as big a job as it someimes sounds either. A blog post can be very short. And even if you want to put up a longer post, you can always get it written for you at very little cost. Oh, and those articles you write (or get written) for your article marketing can be blog posts as well.

If you really don’t have the time to maintain a blog, you can outsource the work at very little cost; but then that wouldn’t be free would it. Nevertheless, you can get a four or five huncred word article written for around five dollars.

Web Traffic Advice Tip # 5 – Video Marketing

Not everybody is comforable in front of a video camera but if you are, this is currently one of the best ways of marketing yourself. People love to get information that’s presented to them visually, as opposed to reading or listening. If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, you can always get someone else to do it; or create a video from a slide show. As long as it is interesting, informative or funny. There are lots of sites on the web where you can post free videos and put your link under them. The most popular being YouTube of course.

Written By: Raymond Whittaker

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