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Again, My Mother Got an Accident

Posted by Zura on November 3, 2010

Alright, now I have to talk about it with you at last. Sadly, my mother got an accident a week ago (25 October 2010), right before my brother’s birthday (28 October 2010). We’ve arranged such a plan to celebrate Oky’s birthday but this time, Allah SWT willing to try us once again. After the trial He gave couple years ago, uh, let me tell you few things first.

My mother’s first accident was on 26 June 2006, bring her face’s broken and must be hospitalized for more than 2 Weeks. She must through surgical operation to join her broken cheekbone using 3 PENs, I don’t know what to say that in English (as you know that I use English for practicing only, and I’m a native Indonesian speaker), it something like hard material (some kind of iron) that has function to re-join the broken bone. I don’t know, I’m blind in science especially in medical terms. But that time Alhamdulillah we had enough money to pay for the bill so we didn’t face any problem for my mom’s recovery. Just, she can’t barely see the world with her two eyes coz of this accident, well, she can blurry see it with her bare one eye. Her nose’s broken, so does her lips, tooth (maybe 3 or 5 left)… Still, we have to be grateful for nothing else would hurt her for long term (just her face). Alhamdulillah, and I think the trial was over and we past…

But this time, how could I say, what can I do in this hard situation when I take the burden to run this family. My salary isn’t that much, I would rather say enough to pay our monthly bills and buy some food. When the situation become the way complicated for me, then this trial once again come to us. I don’t know, maybe I poorly give thanks to Allah for what He has given to me and my family. Or maybe this is just trial for us to become closer to Him. So, on 25 October 2010, after my mom and dad went home from a traditional market, they got accident near to ‘Simpang BPG – Kulim”, resulting my mom’s right thigh broken (but no cosmetic injury occurred, no blood at all, it’s broken inside). It can be seen on her x-ray result. One night stay in local hospital, tomorrow morning till afternoon we were waiting for the doctor to visit, but no news at all about his presence. We discussed with the nurses about her and which is the best way to heal her, of course, the conclusion is “Operation”. For that we have to prepare somehow large amount of money, and we can’t afford it.😥

After held serious meeting with the whole family, (beside, my mother will never want to go to the surgeon room anymore) we had agree that we will cancel the operation schedule and go home for traditional way. That’s they way it is if you don’t have money… We decide to go to Sinshe.

We did some research about goods and bads (and financial factor, too) using their service to heal my mother’s leg normally and effectively, and my father found a Sinshe named A Liong (he lives in Sail, not too far from my house). He said that he can help with the broken bones, and the cost is not too expensive (but not cheap). Shortly, we bring my mother there and he gave some kind of mixed traditional herbs wrapped to the whole broken leg, which is in upper third of her right thigh. Then both of her legs wrapped again to stay her hip bone in place. He gave two different pills to be consumed (I don’t know the name coz it’s Chinese writing) everyday (just like what Doctor’s do), make a list of foods that are prohibited to consume, and what to do and don’t. Summarily, she has to visit the Sinshe every two or three days and every time we visit, of course there is additional fee for the medicine he give and charge of his service.

After two times back for the Sinshe, my mom’s can’t stand it anymore. As you know, she neither can walk nor sit, so we have to carry her and she feels hurt every time we move her. It needs at least 4 persons to lift her. Oh my God… How poor my mom is. It can’t be denied she refused to go there again. We can only pray to Allah to heal her immediately while trying to find another way or effective medicine to help her bone’s re-joined. We still use the medicine which the Sinshe gave, and I bought her CDR Fortos and Anlene for her calcium supply. I wish that this may help her and she can walk normally again in the very near future, and won’t take months that long. Please guys, pray for her too… Thanks a lot for your support.🙂



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