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Oh, What I Really Want A Notebook!

Posted by Zura on October 5, 2009

It has been years that I really want my own personal computer, like a laptop. I planned to buy it on credit, but until now I didn’t yet get any chance nor enough money to pay for the advance cash. I often visit the computer store in my town and get the credit price lists. The price of laptop that I want is lower than Rp. 6000.000. So I can easily for the monthly installments for couple of years. The first installment and administration fee are lower than Rp. 500.000 but still I can’t collect my money for just it. Even if I can, I think I have so much more to pay first before I decide to add my debt.

Actually I don’t have any specific loan from any debitor, I only have specific responsibility to my family. My routine loan are to pay my house rent expense and monthly electricity bill. Oh, I shouldn’t mention it. Although, I have to learn of being a mature and responsible people from now, right? Then, I used to be it. A Mature Girl… Eventhough my boyfriend always ridicule me that I am a childish woman. I used to play drama with my life, like everyone’s do. Put myself in every situations well. I really jealous with others child that their parents could bring everything that they want. Even not everything, but something. They could. Yeah, but everyone has their own destiny right? Eventhough they could get everything that they want, maybe they had the lack inside… Many kinds of problem and such. But me, in my opinion one thing that is the most straitened inside, it’s named money, fund, cash… Okay, stop complaining ila… Stop complaining! You’re happy now, aren’t you? Yes, but nope… But maybe yes… I think, yes… Actually yes.

Why the interest (of loan) is very high? Could it be decreased for a couple years so I can buy stuffs that I really need even by credit it? Oh God! Isn’t there any other way? Please, if I couldn’t carry this on my self or ask someone to buy it for me, could You please give it to me??? Please… And if you grant this wish, I want it to be blessed in me, not as the caused of Your anger in the forthcoming … Amin

One Response to “Oh, What I Really Want A Notebook!”

  1. Don’t be cry.. God hears your prayer.
    Before decide to buy it, please define the specification as you need. Be patient, may be on the next time the price will be down.

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