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How to Make Money If You Are Unemployed

Posted by Zura on September 2, 2009

Back to the hottest long lasting topic, making money. And now we’ve come to such modern era which enable us to make money online. I’m sure most of you knew how to make it. Actually we don’t have to  had a skill around IT to make money, even we just have to know a little. The most important thing to make money online is, Desire! If we have desire, than we’ll have pretension to learn and explore the Internet. Like I do…😀

Mmm, but we still can making money offline, ladies. You can please refer to this “5 easy ways to make money even if you’re unemployed” article. It’s a good reference. Others, you can try these following additional tips :

  • Let’s search for a freelance job

Yeah, sometimes freelance job would be nice. Depend on what kind of job you’re applying or taking of. You contact your local newspaper to see if they pay for freelance reporting. Offer to cover local events, such as sporting events, for a fee. Otherwise you can try freelance job such as translator (if you think you are good on translating), waitress,  part time journalist, etc.

  • Offer to baby sit, elder sit, or house sit for your neighborhood. Distribute fliers to advertise your availability.
  • Offer to your friends, neighbors, fellow church-goers, etc. your services in auctioning stuff they want to sell on eBay or Craiglist. (if you want to try an online job)

Some people are still unsure about how to sell things online and are uncomfortable with auction sites like eBay. You can step in, offer to do it for them, for a portion of the profits

  • Bake cookies and/or pastries and sell at area office buildings
  • Be a Part Time Teacher.

If you know something that other people want to know, then maybe you could teach at a local community college or offer public seminars – even teleconference, or maybe you could teach children, I can say that this is a perfect part time job. Not part time maybe. You are  just about to spend a couple hours a day (you are free to arrange the schedule). I’m trying this job too eventhough I’m not an unemployment. I do teaching children after hour (for about 7 pm untiil 8.30 pm, monday to friday).

  • Start a community online newsletter.

You’ll need to spend some money and invest some time up-front, but once you get 1,000 or more subscribers in your neighorhood or residential area, you could then sell advertising to local businesses. And an email newsletter is cheap to produce. You just need a good autoresponder service.

Okay, may above tips helps. :tv:


Have a nice day!

One Response to “How to Make Money If You Are Unemployed”

  1. I like this site shown and it has given me some sort of inspiration to succeed for some reason, so keep up the good work.

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