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What Is The Main Cause Of Slow PC And How To Speed It Up

Posted by Zura on September 1, 2009

Dealing with a slow computer is probably one of the most irritating problems ever faced by the computer users all over the world. The problem gets more frustrating and annoying especially when you want to watch movie or play games or you have a deadline to meet at your work front. Though it is a very serious problem but has very easy to remove.

A computer usually becomes slow with the ages. As a computer continuously process data it eventually becomes slow. Speed of a computer is determined directly by the quantity of data it can process in a certain period of time. Such as if you install internet explorer the time Windows will take to read all the necessary files will be the speed of your computer. The more quickly it will be able to process the data faster it will be.

One of the most important reasons that is responsible for making a PC slow is the “registry” of your PC. Many PC users are unaware of this fact. Registry which is called the powerhouse of a computer is the central database that is situated at the center of the Windows. Windows stores all the options and settings for your PC. Each and everything starting from your wallpapers to emails are stored in the database. It is so important that Windows continuously reads and updates several registry files whenever you work on your computer.

Whenever you install a program you can be sure that the registry has properly instructed your PC what to do. It means that the speed at which your PC reads the registry files is the speed of your computer. But unfortunately these registry files get damaged and corrupted as Windows gets puzzled when you use your computer. A confused Windows often saves files wrongly. It makes them corrupt. This situation can be compared with a book all pages of which is mixed up. Therefore, it becomes quite hard for the Windows to read these files and the Windows also becomes slow.

This is one of the biggest reason that makes a PC slow. But fortunately there is a simple way of fixing this problem and speed up PC. You simply need to have a tool called a “registry cleaner” to scan and remove the problems that lies within the registry. Most of all slow computer have more than thousands corrupted files within the registry. It means when you clean all these corrupted files it will automatically speed up PC.

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