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Posted by Zura on July 28, 2009

Dear diary,

I feel so happy and quite free this week. Why? Because fornunately my brother, Oky was recruited at PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur as Quality Control. You know what that’s mean? It means my responsibility of my brother is done, in education sector. I don’t know about the job deks whether suitable for his major, but I think it’s a great way for him to start his career. In my opinion his major task is to look after the production proess either the machine. I don’t know what makes him accepted from more than 1.000 high school graduated in Pekanbaru, which recruited 20 of them (include Oky). Whatever! I don’t care. The only thing I should grateful of is, Oky is now has a job. He starts working on Monday, July 27, 2009. Alhamdulillah…🙂

But something happened down here, yes what else, my life. I don’t know when will I get terminated or in other word, get fired. My boss told me that I have to accept it, willingly or not. He told me that it’s my very own mistake. Whatever! The only thing I had in my mind is, I had give the best of me, in my condition. Although I’m still have something to be ‘addressed’ by others. Because I am a careless one in doing something, whatever is it. In work, in home, everything. Seems like I can’t do something perfect or even good.😦

The only thing I need now is, a certainty. Can I live my life in certainty? I’m sure no one can. At least I could get it in my job, whether I’m expelled or get a permanent job. I keep trying and trying to search for another job, but I feel doubt to leave this job. It’s my first job, and everything comes with a word ‘first’ will never be forgetted. I just too care on this. But I can’t hide, that I’m also hate this job. I tried to search for a scholarship and even found the perfect one for me, but I still unable to apply for it. Yes what else, the only thing I expect is, a certainty about my career here. Expelled or be a permanent employee!

Another critical side of my life is, about my relationship with my love, Bang Cheris. We have somewhat ‘chronic’, hehehe, situation where we have to struggle our love and be patient for our future. Parents cause. I knew, it’s an ancient dilemma. Old story! But I don’t say that our parents didn’t bless our relationship. It’s just, we have to be careful for everything we do.

Yes, I need a certainty. A certainty to be a permanent employee with satisfying salary to run my life with all of the needs. A certainty that our parents give full of bless of our relationship. A certainty that we (me and Bang Cheris) can live our life together in prosperous, happy, piece condition… And another humanly certainties.

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