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I Think I’m Gonna Deactivated Some of My Blogs

Posted by Zura on April 17, 2009

Oh, Guyz… It’s so hard to maintain for about 13 blogs at once. Sometimes I feel frustrated and try to copy an article from other website and paste it onto my post. I know it’s cruel and not allowed, but what can I do to keep the rank? And my page rank keep decrease and decrease all the time since ‘long time no post’ issue. Eventhough I tried to make the entire of my blog posts genuine. And the worst, my Google Adsense account has been deactivated. Huh… That’s why today I decided to deactivated some of my blogs. But which one? You see, I have the following blogs : 

  1. (Current Page Rank : 2)
  2. Page Rank : 1)
  3. Page Rank : 1)

Okay, I really stuck to type my long URL on the address bar, so I think I will deactivate my blogger account one. So, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I will terminate these blogs :

And, I will just ignore the subsequent blog :

Because I want and I love these blogs, I think I will keep maintaining it :

  1. (I have lot of friends here, I love you all😉 )
  4.  (Well, I will not delete this one. It’s gonna be a long live blog😀 )
  5. (I need this one for my reference😛 )

Five blogs? Huh… It still mass for me…😦 However, I stand on my tenet.

What do you think guyz? Is my decision right?

3 Responses to “I Think I’m Gonna Deactivated Some of My Blogs”

  1. Beat2ws said

    OMG….. Buanyak bgt??
    Ohya, link ku udah di edit belum? Yg, jadi ya?

  2. wah banyak banget kak..
    aku jadi bingung bacanya gimana..??
    oh ya..
    BTW gimana kabarnya kak Zura..?
    lama gk ngeblog…

  3. Pereothtedrom said

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