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How to Blogging for Cash

Posted by Zura on March 18, 2009


Hello, bloggers… How are you going on today? To the point, I want to share a good article about “how to blogging for cash

If you have a blog and you want to earn some money from it,you can actually turn all too online writing into finances in your bank account. A good number of people today – professional bloggers, as they are formally called – literally blog for cash. Here are a few ways for you to turn that little rant journal to your very own funds cow.😛


Many of today’s professional bloggers were once ordinary bloggers themselves, albeit with a difference. They have such a popularity due to the fact that their thoughts and their opinions were so radical that people just now lapped it all up and asked for more. Of course, they didn’t blog for cash that came straight from their readers; once the blogs began to attract a lot of attention, Internet marketers beat lower their doors to share in the traffic.


This is remarkably true for review blogs that are very nitpicky and considerable of consumer products. Everyday readers set about recognizing the value of unbiased reviews and opinions on all types of things. After the businesses realized that these kinds of sites could actually affect their market, they were truly eager indeed to please those fortunate bloggers.


Remember the readers will only keep coming back to a blog that has high entertainment value. If you need to blog for cash, you need to make sure the you write about different sorts of details and fluctuate your writing style each once in a while. Your readers are likelier to appear back if they expect somewhat new from what they read in you everyday.

Source : Taken from summary of good articles from the Web

5 Responses to “How to Blogging for Cash”

  1. arafi said

    okay,i get it._^tp te2p aj susah monetisasi blog.btw dh tw, dpt dollar dari microsoft dgn PTR??

  2. aku gk tahu kak bagaimana caranya..??
    bingung aku..??
    ajari aku ya kak..
    maklum masih newbie..

  3. wonker said

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  4. selamat berakhir pekan ya,jeung
    aduh lama banget yah blue tak main
    maafkan blue yah
    salam hangat selalu

  5. not9 said

    huy,…blog yang bagus yah,…salam knal yah…next klo da waktu maen n mapir y ke jendela aq tunggu yah,..:)

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