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How To Prove Yourself In The Job Market

Posted by Zura on February 17, 2009


Despite the ups and downs in the global economic scenario the job market always has some openings.Whether you are a part of an organization or looking for a new job it is very important for you to prove yourself as a potential employee. Only then a company will fear to loose you. It is very important these days when everybody is worried about job security.

Find Out New Options

You can grow yourself being in the same organization as well as joining a new one. Find out the growing departments in our present company. Locate the companies where jobs matching your skill are popping up. Also try to find out which industries are offering the maximum job exposure. You can look for websites that offer free job search strategies as well as tips. In fact often these sites also offer salary calculator which will enable you to know what you deserve.

If you are interested in a new industry talk to the people who are already a part of that industry. It will help you to understand whether you are at all fit for that industry or not. You can also go for online job search. Searching on the web is also a good option for gathering information and current news.

Improve Your Skills

Do you want to stick to your present employer or find a job and explore the new venues? In both the cases you should improve yourself so that your current employer feels that retaining you is worth and your new employer can see you as an asset for his company.You know your work well. However it is always better to know more than what is needed. Learn the responsibilities of other employees so that you can help them when needed. Not only your boss but your colleagues will appreciate you as well.

Take Initiatives

Each and every employee is expected to meet their deadlines. So finishing your work on time will not help you to stand out. You should complete your work before time and ask for new projects. In fact you can suggest new projects. If you specialize in some area of working share your knowledge. Include your boss and superiors in a plan that you have for the progress of the company.

Build an Image

Every human being is special in their own way and it is also true for you. You master a skill that is needed to perform your job. Find out what the skill is and make yourself an expert. This expertise will help you to build a reputation reaching beyond your office space. Don’t be afraid to let others know about it. After all branding yourself is necessary to draw the attention of your employer.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Hike

When you know that you are an asset for the company,don’t hesitate to ask for the salary you deserve. Don’t state that right away. Let your boss make the offer at first. If you are not satisfied with it then say what you feel and always ask for more because the boss is sure to bring it down to what you exactly deserve.

Be Flexible

If you want your employer to see you as an important employee make yourself irreplaceable. Be flexible and accessible all the time,willing to relocate yourself, dress nicely and above all be helpful.

Follow these simple tips and you will never need to go for a job search.😉

10 Responses to “How To Prove Yourself In The Job Market”

  1. Beat2ws said

    Thanks 4 d’info😀

  2. aduh kak..
    bisnis ya..
    aku masih awam soal ntu..??
    ajarin adhikmu ini ya kak..
    gimana kabarnya kak zoera ini..??

  3. kezedot said

    pagi morning…………….
    jeung q datang…………
    salam hangatselalu dari blue…..hehehe
    jeung datang ya ke hoze q yg baru
    q nanti
    salam persahabatan selalu

  4. 1nd1r4 said

    It indeed looks simple🙂 …. the most important thing is that try to do your best in every single thing that you do

  5. strzelno said

    waduh!! nggak mudeng bahasa Inggris.. no comment aja deh 😀

  6. frizzy said

    Halo sob, selamat malam. Biar malam tetap ceria ya sob.
    Thanks for sharing a good article…

    Cheers, frizzy.

  7. A Gambler said

    Well writen, really!

  8. morning sir

    Thanks for sharing a good article…

  9. rismaka said

    Sorry mbak, lama ga mampir.. Maklum sibuk euy.
    Pa kabar nih? Wah makin top aja englishnya.
    Well, I agree with this one: “Improve Your Skills”

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