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10 Ways to Handle Conflict

Posted by Zura on February 12, 2009


Maintaining composure is one of the hardest things to do especially when one is on the verge of  “blowing their top”. Having the ability to do so can help in achieving success in professional and personal affairs. The following tips can help you assure that you keep your cool as far as your relationships are concerned.

1. Communicate negative emotions personally or through the telephone

Electronic mails, leaving messages on answering machines as well as notes may be impersonal in terms of the complexity of negative comments.

2. Follow your reply with emphatic words

Use words of understanding if you are looking for a way to reach a compromise or agreement with the other party.

3. Recognize when you feel vulnerable by what the other person is communicating to you

As much as possible, avoid becoming defensive or disagree with what the other person is trying to communicate with you. This is the kind of attitude that makes an open and trustworthy communicator.

4. Learn to make requests when you’re angry

Most often, it is more helpful to practice requesting rather than to be angry.

5. Practice the mirror technique

When the tension is high or when you totally disagree with what the person is saying, try repeating what the other person is saying. In this manner, both you and the other party can keep focus in the delicate matter, especially when you are aiming to gain an understanding of a different perspective.

6. Be responsible for whatever you feel rather than put the blame on the other person

In order to ease the tension and conflict, bear the burden of the situation rather than point a finger to the other party.

7. Be a good listener especially if you are mediating or giving advice

Take both sides into consideration objectively and constructively so as to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict at hand.

8. Be creative and flexible in handling the highly tensed situation

At all times, maintain your self-control in handling conflicts. This will help you maintain your composure and poise in highly-tensed situations.

9. Let the conflicting situation cool down if it makes you angry or intense

With considerable amount of time, you would have cooled down and cleared your mind to be able to handle the issue objectively and clearly.

10. Observe proper decorum and etiquette whenever you are in rage or frustrated

If you have the tendency to lose temper or flare up immediately, people will have the notion that you are a very dangerous person or they will not be safe with you. Because of your predictability, people will always try to protect themselves when being with you. This will not be healthy in your aim to achieve corporate or inter-personal relationships.

Following these tips can assure harmonious and peaceful relationships with other people.😉

3 Responses to “10 Ways to Handle Conflict”

  1. blue datang,jeung
    salam hangat selalu
    comandnya to be bersambung……….
    met valentine,jeung

  2. Beat2ws said

    Kalo dalam bhs indo artinya apa ya? Ntar-ntar tak mbuka translate?hehehe

  3. ksemar said

    Gimana ya ngartiinnya. Habis, saya tidak ngerti bahasa inggris. Lanjut mabak.. salam.

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