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Several Must Rules in Career

Posted by Zura on February 2, 2009

Woman in the Office

Time flies, and Monday has come again. Well, it is time to set up many plans and work with it. But before you continue your work, I think it’s better for you to check whether you have followed the rules in career. Here are the “Must be followed” Rules…

1. Learn to listen

To understand people, you have to listen to what their opinion or suggestion. If you have understood, you may learn many things from it without any fear of failure.

2. Practice your body language

Your body language will show who you are exactly. You can start practice with your hand. Practice how to shake your hand tightly, if you have succeed in practicing the grip, you will be seen as a full of confident person.

3. Stop grumbling

If you don’t like with someone’s attitude or work, tell him/ her directly, don’t just grumble. It will just make you feel very depressed. Also, it is a sign that you are not capable in telling your opinion.

4. Watch your laughing

It is mostly about behavior. You should behave yourself starts from how you laugh. Big laughter in the office will make you look fool.

5. Tolerate yourself

Nobody’s perfect, so you should tolerate yourself. If you made a mistake, stop blaming yourself and start to fix it. You should always learn from your mistake.

6. Pick a right clothes

Follow the work culture; you don’t have to wear a formal suit if you work in a field. It is bad to wear too sexy skirt or colorful clothes because you are not a clown. Make sure you have picked the right clothes and you feel comfort with it, it will make you looking good during the day.

7. Keep your emotion

I know you are a woman and sometimes can easily turn your mood down, but just always remember that you are in an office. You don’t have to crying loudly for any reason, just take a deep breath and hold your tears. Behave yourself appropriately.

8. Keep away from gossip

Well, gossiping someone is bad for your work environment. Once you have involved in the “gossip-community”, it means you have put your career in an alert situation. You know what I’m talking about, ladies!😉

12 Responses to “Several Must Rules in Career”

  1. Jay said

    Hello ………..

  2. aku mau no 8 biarkan aku menrima gosip terbaru dariku………….
    salam hangat penuh senyum kebahagiaan selalu.

  3. syaiful said

    Terima kasih atas kunjungannya. blognya juga bagus kok. saya baca dulu ya anda dimana saya dari Pekanbaru Riau

  4. achoey said

    wah ini tips yang hebat
    makasih ya sobat🙂

  5. fata said

    keep your emotion. ini yg paling susah menurutku.

  6. arafi said

    ahhaa hhaaaa,,what a great!!!,,nice tips,,btw tentang tampilan blog qt,,heeee,,tebakannya benar,,,tp cm alfi doank,,aris lg broken heart

  7. yup,Nobody’s perfect..but i like number seven🙂

  8. mrpall said

    blognya juga bagus kok. saya baca dulu ya

  9. go to lunch🙂

  10. aris nurzaman said

    yeah, pasti ada aja geng yang suka nggosip hee.

  11. syaiful said

    maaf pagi ini saya berkunjung lagi nih.

  12. Can I say “Do your best”?This is also important thing to optimalize your career.


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