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10 Ways to Save at the Supermarket ;)

Posted by Zura on December 31, 2008

save money at shopping

We know it’s hard to imagine life without all seventeen varieties of yogurt that you “need” and “love,” but the economy is bad, costs are way up, and if we want our quality of life to remain, on the whole, unaffected, it’s time to start learning some tricks to cut corners and save on the things we don’t really need…or at least can get for cheaper. Let’s start wit the most important first.

1. Organize beforehand

This means going through those newspapers, magazines, and mailers you usually throw out to look for what is on sale. Clip endlessly on items you generally purchase and save them, so that way you will have an organized folder of all your coupons. If this means planning your week’s meals in advance so you know exactly what you have to buy, go for it.

2. Create a list

Know what you need going in. Don’t impulse shop. In other words, don’t go to the supermarket hungry. This is a bottomless pit of spending for the average consumer, when a box of Hostess cupcakes will seem like a great idea at the time. And keep your eyes closed at the checkout line.

3. Coupons, coupons and MORE coupons

Manufacturers make coupons to encourage you to buy their product, these coupons can you save 20% or more on your bill each month.

4. Shop around

We know it gets said a lot, but comparing prices from different stores and brands can save you hundreds throughout the year. You may even want to go back to your now-flawlessly-organized coupon folder and see which stores have discounts on which items. Try to be flexible instead of harboring unneeded loyalty to a single store or brand. Be efficient in the way you maneuver from one store to another, or else what you save on your bill you’ll end up spending on gas…

5. Don’t balk at the brand names

While yes, most discount sites will tell you to go with store brands because they’re “cheaper,” this is a common misconception. At face value? Yes, of course they are cheaper. But when was the last time “Malt-O-Meal” cereals were on sale, as compared to Kellogg’s? Don’t look so shocked. With proper coupon usage, the big brand names will always wind up saving you money.

6. Take the store card! Don’t be shy!

This may mean going to the grocery store with five or ten of those annoying little things, but over time, you’ll save a bundle. Almost every major supermarket offers discount or rebate cards. Take advantage of their generosity!!

7. Get the best bang for your buck

Often, the largest package will provide the cheapest option for the most amount of food, but not always. Bring a calculator with you if quick math is not your thing, and don’t worry if you think you look foolish in the fresh meats aisle adding up unit prices per dollar. Trust me, you’ll feel smarter when you end up saving a few bucks every month.😉

8. Be familiar with your local stores

Generally, food from the deli counter is more expensive than in the aisles. Also, products at the ends of aisles tend to have earlier expiration dates and are probably not apt to be on sale for the most part. Most supermarkets want to keep you in the aisles, when in reality it’s the perimeters of the stores where you’ll find the best bargains.

9. Make one big trip a week, not three smaller trips

If you compile a grocery list throughout the week instead of going out whenever you run out of x, y, or z, you’ll find you can end up saving more. Why? Because going to the store once a week will force you to learn how to survive without every household good and will help you target the items you actually need on a weekly basis. You won’t buy things just to have them expire, and since a weekly bill will already be more expensive than three smaller bills, you will feel compelled to spend wisely.

10. Find stores which “double” on coupons

Many stores have a policy that they will double the value of your coupon. This can equal BIG savings when using multiple coupons.

Above are just ten of the best tips to keep your monthly expenses down. After all, we have no control over things like mortgages, utilities, and taxes. Why not spend a few minutes thinking ahead so you can cut down on the things you DO have control over?🙂 Happy saving!

9 Responses to “10 Ways to Save at the Supermarket ;)”

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  2. Rian Xavier said

    waw.nice tips.:mrgreen:

  3. lovepassword said

    11. Stay at home. Hi Hi hi

  4. wantheme said

    Yps, I like it,
    thanks 4 y info

  5. warmorning said

    i reffer to point number two,
    and be consequent with hat thing😀

  6. frizzy said

    Thanks for the good posting.
    Happy New Year 1430 H and 2009 AD, may you have better life and achievement.
    Keep blogging and teen spirit…

    Cheers, frizzy2008.

  7. soen said

    this post it’s important
    so, go ngeblog

  8. Arya said

    met tahun baru…mudah-mudahan kesehatan dan keberkahan senantiasa berlimpah di tahun ini ^O^

  9. Very helpful! Thanks for the post! Love your site!

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