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Three Simple Exercises To Lose Weight

Posted by Zura on December 15, 2008


We have been talked in Lose Weight long time ago and have found many ways to weightloss. But today I found 3 simple but effective ways to lose weight. Curious what’s that? Let’s check this out.😉

To lose weight, you may go to any gym depending upon your choice. You may even suffice to various supplements available in the market. You may go for anything you like. It is your choice all along. But you should remember one thing. You may get to a thousands places if you like but you can’t achieve your goal if you don’t have some basic qualities of human being.😐

One of these qualities is self regulation. This self regulation does not mean just controlling your diet; it also means having a control over ones mind, soul. Without this you can’t achieve anything. Till then you may wander to the whole world. Here are some easy exercises for weight loss.

1) Dancing

You should believe me there is no such exercise which can burn your fats faster and at the same time provide you immense pleasure as dancing. There are plenty of different types of dances available in the market. You can participate in any of those. Their fees would also be very less which would not have any considerable pressure over your wallet. It has one additional benefit too. You will master various dances in very less time.

2) Sports

Everyone likes watching sport but very few are ready to play it. It is not some untouchable thing. You should know that Australia is one country where sports are the culture. There people don’t ask you where you work, what is your pay scale or whether you are married or not; rather they ask which sport do you play? This is very phenomenal. It is because people see it with a non familiar eye. A student who wants to pursue career is not given proper respect. That is why it become necessary to show to the persons what does it all mean by sports. Sports provide a very healthy exercise. You should join any sport club you like and you will get a gymnast like physique free.

3) The third one is very simple

We have been doing it for years. Like the air we breathe we are unaware about its existence. We don’t even consider it. This is walking. Yes, it is free and most of all you don’t need any coaching class for it. You can do it in your spare time like morning. You can even take your dog to give company.😉

Good luck. ♥ ♥ ♥

7 Responses to “Three Simple Exercises To Lose Weight”

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  2. i need to lose over 1oo lbs. Any suggestions?

  3. Wah perlu dicoba nih. Masalahnya aku lebih sering anget-anget suam-suam kuku. Hi Hi Hi

  4. nung said

    hai juga ila…. jago bhsa inggris ya,,,

  5. nameeman said

    saya tdk mengerti,,,
    tapi gw rasa ini postingan yg bagus,,,

  6. Napi said

    semangat berolahraga kawand2…
    semangat kak…
    doain aku ya kak…
    habis ini aku mau UAS…
    mohon doanya



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