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My 19th Birthday…

Posted by Zura on November 20, 2008

Hi.. hi.. Good afternoon… What news, guyz? Watcha doing?

After all I’d like to say thank you very much for you who give utterance and prays for me.😀 Mmm, yesterday I’ve shared my feeling about my birthday in which I thought there won’t be a small-scale celebration at all.  You see guyz, I’m wrong! Curious what happened last night? Let me share it ‘again’.. hehee😆

It’s raining yesterday and forced I go home late, about 5.30 pm, and the rain didn’t stop until very late of afternoon. Actually I had an appointment with a ‘counter-men’ which promised to change my Sony Ericsson Z500a with Nokia 6600 (but forced again we came right after they closed due to bad weather (not me actually, Papa and Oky came) so we didn’t meet) so I tried to get home soon. As I arrived at home, as usually I go to my bedroom then change my drenched-clothes then go to the kitchen looking for some foods…🙂 (of course I do hope mama will cook something special on my birthday) But there was nothing on dishes table except omelette and chilled fried tofu. I really hungry then I scoop out 2 spoons of rice and grab the omelette and chilled fried tofu, I don’t know what you name it, it’s not lunch nor dinner…:mrgreen: I really feel quite disappointed, coz I keep searching if there is a sign that my family arranged some such party, and the result is : NIL. Oopz, unfortunately!😥

Before Magrib, Bang Ceris called me (as I said that he’s on Siak) telling that he still on Siak and probably will stay there this night. Ooh, bad news… I can’t hold my tears right now, no party, no boyfriend, no happiness, no entertainment… Sucks!😦 We should end our conversation coz Adzan Magrib is filling the air. After, I feel nothing but disappointed… It’s still raining out there and I couldn’t hide my sadness so I pretend to sleep (crying) … I really don’t wanna let others sad coz of me. I love them, and I don’t demand anything from them… But Bang Ceris? Uh, I don’t know. Then it’s near to 7 pm o’clock, Oky ask me to go to that handphone counter, but he gotta praying first.😉 Okay, I’ll be waiting.

After praying, I shall change my clothes but Oky interdict me. He said that it’s still raining. Suddenly mama came to my bedroom. She ask me to do massage her, coz she feels so tired all this day… AND… SURPRISE!!! Now let’s the party begins… I can’t hold my tears back drowning my face. Delicious dishes were waiting for me… Mama and my grandma cook special Gado-Gado, Papa bought syrup and make ice coconut, and Oky brings up the cake… I REALLY LOVE THEM! Whereas they told and made apologize to me coz they have nothing to serve or give. You see, with really limited of money, he save half of his money to brought a gift. Do you wanna know what’s that gift? It’s an INOUI Perfume… You can please take a look for several pics during my birthday. Unfortunately Linda (Oky’s girlfriend) and Bang Ceris (My boyfriend) didn’t come. Linda is sick, and Bang Ceris is on down town..😦 Please click to enlarge the photo, guyz.. These pics are just thumbnail.😉

ila010 ila011 Papa n me ila054 grandma-n-methe dishes oky papa n mama open up the prize yah? kerupuk? oky... Tara.... It's the perfume!    

Then I got another surprise this morning guyz. About 6.30 am, Bang Ceris come to my house… He’s back! He said how he regret to attend that attendace obligatory to Siak. How he suffered to think about me all day long and imagine that he could join our really small-scale party. How poor my boyfriend, I love him so much … That’s okay, honey. That time has passed, you don’t need to regret it…🙂 I still love you. :shy: You see guyz, he also gift me a prize.😀 He brought me Jacket (the color is violet) and a pair of earring. (I’ll share the picture later😉 )

Okay finally, it is the happiest and most surprising birthday all my life. I love you Mama, Papa, Grand Ma, Oky, and beloved Bang Ceris. I love you guyz who give me the utterance and prays… I love you all… Thanks for everything.🙂 Bye…


11 Responses to “My 19th Birthday…”

  1. 1nd1r4 said

    what a lovely b’day celebration🙂

  2. juLion said

    long time no see. happy birthday, what a nice gift…:)

  3. ikrar said

    hei im envious
    to look that :twisted;
    because i never celebrate my birthday and sometimes i forgot of my birthday.

    yeah happy birthday zoera sorry im late.

  4. Daiichi said

    Semoga panjang Umur selalu

  5. Ayam Cinta said

    Happy b’late b’day yaks…..
    Baru sempet mampir nech…
    Lam kenal yaks…. ^^

  6. duh.MET B’THDAY ya,nona.
    kebahagiaan selalu mnyertaimu itu doaku.
    salam hangat selalu untuk semua
    masih ada kuenya….halah! larii….sebelum di mintain kadonya…hehehe

  7. […] Zoera […]

  8. amaduq01 said

    Hari hari lewat, pelan tapi pasti
    Hari ini aku menuju satu puncak tangga yang baru
    Karena aku akan membuka lembaran baru
    Untuk sisa jatah umurku yang baru…

    Daun gugur satu-satu
    Semua terjadi karena ijin Allah
    Umurku bertambah satu-satu
    Semua terjadi karena ijin Allah

    Tapi… coba aku tengok kebelakang
    Ternyata aku masih banyak berhutang
    Ya, berhutang pada diriku…
    Karena ibadahku masih pas-pasan…

    Kuraba dahiku…
    Astagfirullah, sujudku masih jauh dari khusyuk
    Kutimbang keinginanku….
    Hmm… masih lebih besar duniawiku

    Ya Allah….
    Akankah aku masih bertemu tanggal dan bulan yang sama di tahun depan?
    Akankah aku masih merasakan rasa ini pada tanggal dan bulan yang sama di tahun depan?
    Masihkah aku diberi kesempatan?

    Ya Allah….
    Tetes airmataku adalah tanda kelemahanku
    Rasa sedih yang mendalam adalah penyesalanku

    Jika Engkau ijinkan hamba bertemu tahun depan
    Ijinkan hambaMU ini, mulai hari ini lebih khusyuk dalam ibadah…

  9. Selamat Ulang Tahun ya…. semoga sukses selalu….

  10. norjik said

    Met ultah ya, smoga panjang umur dan sehat slalu🙂

  11. wiw…….
    happy bdy ya

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