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♥ Happy Birthday… ♥

Posted by Zura on November 19, 2008


Dear bloggers… How are you going on today?

Today is my special day, but I don’t feel happy nor sad. It’s  just I always fell less than happy in every my birthday, but I think last year is quite different.🙂 I can’t tell you about it guyz, someone’s gonna be jealous.😀 However it doesn’t mean that last year I celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend, you know guyz that in my life I only have 1 boyfriend who will come to be my husband (He’s gonna be Bang Ceris)… He’s just a friend that I even don’t know him before…

And this year, I don’t know what will my family plan to celebrate my birthday, nor my boyfriend. Uhuh, talking about  my boyfriend, he’s on Siak (down town) right now. He must participate on an observation according his study, agriculture irrigation and he can’t refuse coz it’s quite urgent.😥 As I know that the fund to celebrate  my birthday is used up, and Bang Ashral now on Siak (I don’t know when he’ll back, maybe this night or tomorrow😯 ). But He still able to say “Happy Birthday” last night… He’s the first (life). Then Novia (SMS) , followed with Oky (SMS). Quite happy, coz my beloved brother strings up his best words. Do you wanna know? Okay, let’s check it out (on Bahasa Indonesia😛 )

Mqoem …Happy birthday ka2k, Mga tmbh alim jd ank sleh , smga d ultah yg k 19 ne k jd tmbh cntk , imuoet , skses dlm pkjaan , hbngan na lng9ng , bnyk rjki , pkok na cmua2 na deh , He…Love u kak , Trma ksih ya kak dh jd kak yg Baik n smprna bwt ky ,,, n sbr ngdpin ky ?


😀 I feel quite touched and almost cry by his messages. I can’t realize what kind of celebration my mother’s planned. As you know guyz, that there is no such big party or great celebration in our family. We just celebrate it with family and several important person.

Yes, of course everyone wants a surprise and gifts on her / his birthday, so do I. But I think a nice utterance would be great in my special day… As long as it’s come from the bottomest of their heart…🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥


8 Responses to “♥ Happy Birthday… ♥”

  1. frizzy said

    Met ulang taun sob, smoga hidupmu selalu terisi dengan senyum indahmu…

  2. seno said

    Met Ultah juga. 19 tahun umur yang sudah cukup untuk berpikir dewasa, sudah waktunya berkarya. Lha…

    Smoga panjang umur, rejekinya lancar, kuliahnya juga lancar. Sehat selalu.

    BTW: Untuk KCC (Kontes Cerita cinta),itu bebas kok, mau blog apa saja boleh. Ok, ditunggu ceritanya.

  3. ksemar said

    Met Ultah ya. Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, dapat jodoh yang baik dan selalu diberi kesehatan oleh Allah SWT. Amin. Salam dari kami, masyarakat marginal Sumatera Utara

  4. norjik said

    Met ultah ya, smoga panjang umur dan bahagia. btw, mmg ucapan lbrn masih nyantol di blog saya.. krn kue-kue nya masih sih sampe skg :d he3x

  5. pibel said

    wah, pas lagi longak-longok tanpa ijin malah ketemu bocah manis yg baru ultah🙂 .

    Hope your birthday is filled with sweet dreams and happy endings (hasil nyontek dari hallmark:mrgreen: ).

  6. vaepink said


    Moga sukses yah …🙂

  7. selamat sore,nona.
    SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN ya. semoga segalanyamemberi makna yang lebih indah dalam segala rasa di kehidupanmu.
    salam hangat selalu

  8. Nice blog…

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