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♥ 5 Quick Ways to Losing Weight ♥

Posted by Zura on November 6, 2008

Weight Loss

Good Day, guyz! What are you doing now?😛

Yupz, today I’m gonna share tips for ladies.😆 Weight Loss is one of the hottest topics and people’s discover many ways to lose it. But not all of them worked. Okay, to the point. Here is 5 quick ways for losing weights, Michael Marquette has discovered the tips😉.

1. Eating more frequently will keep metabolism running at a higher rate

This will help you digest food more quickly and in turn you will burn fat more efficiently. Skipping a meal will not help you lose weight because your body will slow down the metabolism to conserve energy.

2. Your body doesn’t always realize it is full right away.

Many of us are busy and sometimes eat on the run, but eating more slowly is a great way to reduce your overall calorie intake. When you eat slower your body will tell you that you have ate enough before you have overeaten. If you eat everything on your plate too quickly your body doesn’t have the time to catch up and you can end up feeling stuffed. Drinking water through the day will also help curb craving a little.

3. Water is of course no substitute for a good meal but it can help you feel fuller without extra calories.

A few minutes before you plan on eating, drink a glass of water. This will provide a fuller feeling and is a good step in prevent overeating. Water is also useful for flushing toxins out of the system.

4. It is best to stop eating around two hours before bedtime.

It is very important that if you do eat in this time frame to try to cut out high carb foods such as bread or pasta. Your body will have a harder time digesting these as you sleep and the end result will be fat production. If you must have a snack, try a fruit, veggie, or low fat yogurt.

5. Do not rely solely on a scale to measure weight loss, not just because it can be discouraging but it may not reflect the fat you have lost.

While you are losing fat you may be gaining muscle and if this is true you will not see much of a change. Take measurements around key areas you want to lose weight in and keep recording the results. Remember that lost inches = lost fat!

These are just a few tips you can use to help you quickly lose weight. You should eat more frequently and slowly, drinking water before a meal, cutting out late night snacks, and not relying solely on a scale you will begin losing weight. Follow these tips and you will quickly be on your way to losing weight.🙂 Good luck!

7 Responses to “♥ 5 Quick Ways to Losing Weight ♥”

  1. wah, saya gak pernah bisa makan pelan2. Selalu cepat. Gimana dong? Sampai pernah ditegur dokter, kalo makan dikunyah 32 kali. he he he….kalo ada lomba makan cepat, pasti juara deh.

  2. lupa. link kamu saya simpan di blog saya ya. minta ijin dulu neh.

  3. I am thankful to you for your clear explanation on losing weight. Keep giving such info!!

  4. julianwp said

    Well, nice tips, but I’ve a different question here… how can I get more weight? Because I’m a bit thin here:) Any suggestion ?

  5. […] ♥ 5 Quick Ways to Losing Weight ♥ […]

  6. gtrdp said

    thanks 4 the tips. .🙂

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    let me know what you think!, Hope this helps😉

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