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10 Tips to Re-motivate Yourself

Posted by Zura on November 5, 2008

Guyz, Do you ever feel unproductive or useless in this world currently? Yes, I’m feeling so. I found myself so unmotivated to work (frankly I have the motivetion, hence the situation make me unproductive). I always keep motivate myself that, those who are working willingly and hardly will get succeed one day. My family and my dreams do motivates me all the time, but why I still feel myself useless? I don’t know what to do and how to re-build up my creativity?😥 Do you face the same situation with me? Oh dear…🙂


We shouldn’t be less motivated, we have to get up and enjoy whatever we’re doing from today! Indeed, I think we should consider below tips  :😀

♥ Change our routine

Routines can caused bored. We must be bored if we do the same time everytime, every days at every year.😆 Sucks! Now what about to change our routine? Re-arrange our routine with do something positive activity than usually, as example? Create connection with others or learn something new would be interesting, wake up earlier and do jogging before go working, etc .😉

Listen to motivational audio on the way to work

There are lot of motivational webinars online that we can attend to motivate us, or listen to the motivational radio? Beside, we can acknowledge something new on leading our perspective.

Listen to inspirational music!

Listen to the music will refresh our mind from all burden in our life. Just forget all of problems for a while and enjoy also feel the beat our beloved song. If you want, you can download some songs in this blog. ;) 

Utilize self-talk or affirmations

Positive self-talk can really motivate you if used correctly, it’s what you say to yourself that makes the difference, to make you stronger and confidence.😛

Stay away from negative people

This may sound kind of cruel or unkind, but hey, let’s be honest. If you any friends that are really bringing you down, you must either let them know about it and hope they change, or stay away. Life is too short to hang around negative people, and don’t’ think it won’t affect you because eventually it will!🙂

Take a positive action

Let’s think about what we’ve been meaning to start, or stop recently. Something that we have been putting off, maybe? Take that trip to the gym, start that new diet, create or do something along to your hobby, finish that book we’ve started 6 months ago (😆 If I found a book with thickness about 400 or 500 pages, oh God what I found myself so lazy to finish it… hehehe), anything!. Just taking a positive direction towards something makes us feel more in control of things, which boosts our self-confidence and self-esteem.😉

Perform Routine Exercise

This is critical to our physical and mental health, exercise is not an option it is a mandate. If we exercise regularly we’ll automatically add many years to our life and improve our outlook on life. Beside if your we start an exercise routine, it could help us to refresh our mind and we re-have the spirit for doing activities.

Try zero-based thinking

This is a simple but powerful concept to change our thought process. Is there anything in our life that we would stop doing, looking at the big picture? If we had to go back and do it again, would us? This can apply to a business, a hobby, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a choice we made on something that takes our time and energy. If we wouldn’t do it again, stop doing it now!

Re-evaluate our schedule

Take a serious look at every little thing we do every day for a week. Are we wasting a significant amount of time doing something of little value? Either eliminate if from our life, or drastically cut down on this task or habit. Sometimes just rearranging our schedule can save our time as well, such as doing a “high-value” task early in the day while we’re wide awake and full of energy instead of after lunch when we’re tired.

 Reward ourself

Sometimes it really helps to reward ourself after making a great effort. Why? Because psychologically a reward gives us a boost of pleasure after something that takes extra effort, which will encourage us to do it again. Sounds like “psyching” ourself out, right? Yes, we can fool ourself, although don’t take it to extremes or we will be doing more rewarding than working on moving forward.

So, Enjoy your life!!!😀😉

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