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7 Tips to Promoting Your Blog ;)

Posted by Zura on October 29, 2008

Hello, everybody? Good Afternoon… How are you going on today? Still have the blogging spirit?😆 Of course, you do.😉

Okay, today I wanna share another tips around blogging. One of our reason to create a blog is, make us famous or at least let people know about us. Once we make a blog, of course we do hope dozen of people will do visit our blog, isn’t? Me too, everyday I hope my number of visitor keep increase. But how can we do it? Stay tune… hehehe

One of the best things about building a blog as your website is that blogs tend to rank higher in the search engines, and for some reason, they just seem easier to promote. Before you start getting traffic to your blog though, you need to do a few things to promote it. The traffic will build on itself, and you’ll continue to get traffic even after you stop promoting it. Here are 7 tips to promote your blog, check these out😉

1. Put your blog in your email signature

When you set up your email client, why not add a signature? Every time you send out an email, your signature will be “attached” to your message. Just make sure you write something catchy so others take the time to click through.

2. Set up a sitemap

A sitemap is an index of all of the links of your blog. Blog provider like WordPress will create your sitemap automatically with the right plugin. The plugin generates your sitemap for you automatically. All you have to do is just add your sitemap to your Google and Yahoo accounts, and they’ll index it for you. The beauty of sitemaps is that once you submit your sitemap, your marketing is hands free. Every time you post, your sitemap updates, and the search engines are notified to index your new pages. (Currently I know this way’s working, I think I gonna set up the sitemap)

3. Tag your posts

Not every blogging client will allow you to tag your posts. Some will though, and there’s even code you can use for your posts to add tags. Tags help the blog and RSS directories like Technorati to index your posts better. Just make sure you choose the appropriate tags for your post. Adding unrelated tags won’t drive targeted traffic to your site.

4. Ping your blog

A ping lets the major blog and RSS directories know you have updated your blog. With WordPress, you add the ping services you want to notify and WordPress will do the rest. With other blogs it’s possible to use a ping service. Services like Pingoat and Pingomatic allow you to ping your blog manually. This works really well especially if you use a free blog service.

5. Add some banners to your blog

Regardless of what blogging script or service you use, most will allow you to add blocks of code to your blog. Add a couple of banners from high ranking websites to help you get more traffic. Services like My Blog Log and Technorati rank very high in the search engines, and they can easily bring you traffic by helping you build a following.😉

6. Visit Others Blog

If you want everybody knows your blog, don’t forget to visit their blog and leave related comments to their articles. People do appreciate your comment, then I’m sure they will do the same.🙂

7. Register Your Blog to Search Engine

This last is somewhat important. They are uncounteable online people per hours which have the possibility to ‘landing’ to your blog. Therefore, to making your blog visible to search engine simply you can add it to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Submit Express, or another free site submission.

Each of these tips separately will take you about a minute to do, and they can easily get you traffic. So what are you waiting for?😀

4 Responses to “7 Tips to Promoting Your Blog ;)”

  1. Need to fix my sitemap page fast since its broken after I changed my wordpress theme… duh..
    Nway.. another way to promote your site is by commenting on other blog and if you can get a dofollow blog will be much better,,🙂

  2. rama said

    thanks, i try now

  3. A very interesting and useful post for people who have just started blogging and do not know how to increase traffic to their blog.

  4. hearttypat said

    So helpful! for a newbie like me!

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