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Happy Birthday, Brother!!!

Posted by Zura on October 28, 2008

Peek-a-boo!!! It’s back to me again…. Hehehe :))


Yupz, as you can see at the title of my blog, it’s my brother’s birthday. Oky Adilla, his date is 28 October (scorpio boy). You see guyz, we prepared as much as we can for him with very limited fund. I actually want to give him a special jacket, but mama forbid me so I can just bought him a pretty-cute T-Shirt and… Guess what?😆 3 pcs of underwear!!!😆 It’s very difficult to look for the nice gift, since my brother is too concern about the brand and quality. But thanks God finally we meet it, a Black ID T-shirt and 3 pcs of Crocodile Underwear. (The underwear was mama’s idea, :)) ) Hahaha… We (me and Bang Ashral) packaged it very neatly with the aim he can just deem that the prize is just underwears. Actually not, the T-Shirt placed in the bottom. then Until this minute, he didn’t know what I’ve bought to him. Pssst!

As usually we only arrange a very simple party for our family, his girfriend and my boyfriend. But this yaer, he don’t want a cake. He wants mama to make “SOTO”. At first, we guest that father wouldn’t give a surprised to him. But last night, he brought surprise for Oky! Papa bought 3 bottles of milk, fruits, softdrinks, snacks, and related stuffs.🙂 So so, of course. But it’s so meaningful since, you know my father. I know on the bottom of his heart, he loves us.😐 Uh, I can’t imagine what will be happened tonight when he open up the prize? :lol: It must be funny!  


(Check my poetry for him on dear-my-beloved-brother ,😉 )

One Response to “Happy Birthday, Brother!!!”

  1. julianwp said

    heheh…I think the best gift is love..:)

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