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OMG, My Blog’s Currently Deleted!

Posted by Zura on October 22, 2008

Good morning everybody, how’s life today?

😥 Huh, as you can see at the title of this post guyz that my this-beloved-blog is subject to be deleted. This is due to I do violation to WordPress terms and service. You’ll find that it sucks, how could it happened? Do you want to know? I wanna share this just because you as my reader is so precious, I don’t want the same thing could happen to you. So, just follow me.🙂

There are so much ways today for making money online such as paid to click (ptc), get paid to receive email, paid to refer your friends, survey online, get paid to review, get paid for join and maintain discussions, MLM, online reseller and so much more. Some of them are trusted and really pay you, but some others is just a scam or the target is so hard to be reached. Whatever! But I think the most effective way for you who are glad for working online is, writing review. I do join them, write reviews, and GET PAID. Tens of Dollars every month and it’s real excite me. Eventhough I can’t withdraw the money from my paypal ( I don’t have credit or debit card,😆 ), I still able to purchase so many items from! That’s why I’m so excited and register my blog.

You see guyz, nobody reads terms and service of a free blog hosting due to they’re so excited to have a new blog, include me of course.😆 I don’t know that write for a review is banned. Until about three days ago, when I was writing a post, a warning telling that wordpress is concern about some content of my blogs (I began to confused, what kind of concerning-content?) appears. + I wanted to put a picture to the post but they said I don’t have permission.😯 What’s goin on here? And I suddenly contact wordpress for this inconvenience and join forum to find out why this matter happen to me. I found the same problem occur to a friend and I post a question there. And a member said that maybe I post a restricted link or content at my blog then I make sure it to wordpress team. Oh God! You see guyz, on this week I have several reviews to be done coz I want to buy a cellphone from ebay. But this happened to me so I can’t say anything. :(

As you know that I’m not using my personal computer, it’s my office one so I have the limit for use this computer (working hour) and I must not online every time. There is a time for me to learning or creating an achievement for me to get promoted or get higher salary.😀 I can’t remove all paid contents, maybe I forgot some contents and WordPress team directly suspended my blog. I really sad and confused what to do, therefore the only way to get my blog’s back is just contact wordpress support by email and by WP contact support then they restore my blog. But same as my above reason, I still didn’t remove some-missing restricted content. I hope WordPress could give me the opportunity for couple days, but actually they don’t. They resuspended my blog again. This item I really have to choose, my blog or an amount of money that will be sent to my paypal several days later. Despite, if I choose the money, I can’t get money anymore coz the blog’s suspended. However, my blog is EVERYTHING, more precious than money. So, I decide to struggle my blog and come back contact WordPress to give me the last chance and I swear them to remove the restricted content. And how kind they are to re-enable my blog, directly I removed the missing-restricted content then the warning’s gone! Oh, thanks God!

I know the consequence for struggling my blog is affect to my money, however my blog is more important.🙂 I suggest, do not using wordpress to scoop up an amount of money online (or if you did, just be careful buddy😉 )


Mmuach …😆

2 Responses to “OMG, My Blog’s Currently Deleted!”

  1. Lucky said

    nice info….tq

  2. hahaha. Becareful next time =P

    Btw, i love to read this blog.

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