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Top Five Strategies for Achieving Work/Life Balance

Posted by Zura on September 24, 2008

Good afternoon, ladies… How are you going on today? Perhaps we could perform all our jobs excellently.😀

Becoming a career women is not easy, there are so much to struggle and lot of challenges should be faced. We will come to various workplace condition with different society and requirements. Sometimes we’re faced with multiple responsibilities at work, busy meeting schedules, business trips, too much job/life demand, even we are familiar to carry more of the responsibilities and commitments at home added with so much problems at home maybe. Most of the reason for that is to achieve work/life balance. I’m a step ahead for it, dude :P

As I’ve promised ladies, I’m gladly want to share top five strategies to achieving work/life balance (taken from, here they are,😉

  1. Budget your time both in and out of the office – Schedule your time efficiently at work. Put yourself on your calendar and take some time for you and your family/friends.
  2. Leave work on time at least three days per week – There are times when working late just can’t be helped, but schedule your time to leave on time three days per week.
  3. Control interruptions and distractions – Stay focused while in the office, and budget your time effectively. Try to schedule a block of time during the day without meetings when you can focus on your tasks with minimal interruptions.
  4. Explore the availability of flex-time – Research flex-time options within your organization. If available, it may be a helpful solution.
  5. Seize the weekend – Plan your time off as you plan your work week. Schedule activities with family and friends, a weekend trip, or just something fun. Make your time away from work count!

For career woemn, getting caught in the work/life balance trap will continue to be an ongoing challenge. Careful planning and personal effort is the advice from those who have found balance in both career and home life. To motto is : Plan, prioritize and schedule as efficiently as possible…. And don’t be afraid of hard work!”

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