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Ikatan Remaja Masjid Al-Barokah (IRMAB) / Adolescent Moslem Organization of Al-Barokah Mosque

Posted by Zura on August 26, 2008

Hello, guyz! Watcha doing?

It’s a quite long time before (you can check at my life story tab,😉 ) I’ve been writing about IRMAB (Ikatan Remaja Masjid Al-Barokah, a Moslem Adolescent Association of Al-Barokah Mosque – Pekanbaru, Indonesia). A quick review, precisely at December when I firstly join this organization I’m choosen as Secretary replace the previous secretary, this is due to her working-perfomance isn’t going well. I don’t know, they tell me so.😐 Then I accepted it and begin to evolving my ability to get experience in an organization. And some friends appreciate me very well, I got a bid proud and thanks the God I could get learn more how to lead an organization. :P Me and my team (actually my brother Oky Adilla, beloved boyfriend Ashral Alcheris, Ustad Surya Darma Putra, and ex-friend Nurcholis Madjid also some other friends) wanted to evolving this organization. So be it, to welcome Indonesian 63th Independence Day (17 August 2008), even a moslem adolescent organization shouldn’t be an organizator for  that event, we can use our Adolescent on Behalf-Name,😆 for trying organize this such big event. But unfortunately, we loss our friend (Nurcholis Madjid) in this organization. He decided to resign by just his bustle, bustle what? You see, actually he’s trying to cheat us by establish an illegal organization against us whereas we had a plan to performing this event together as well as we can, but he resign. Maybe he thought that this plan can’t be realized without him. Guess what? Even he has the heart to copy my own proposal for his illegal organization to against us.  But thanks God we can  thru all of any trouble caused, both inside and outside trouble on this organization.

I know, this is the first time for IRMAB and all of us never had an experience before. But I think we’ve done our best and everything’s going well. I can’t tell you how much I get pain and annoyed with another members (except my brother, boyfriend, and Ustad) of organization also this society, guyz. There are so much to explain and I can’t writing about my friends mistake very much. Maybe after Ramadhan, me, Oky, and Bang Ashral decide to quit. For us, team solidarity, gentle perspective, appreciate friend, sacrifice with sincere are the most determine factor to run an organization. True Friendship is the most precious thing to be struggled than money, coz we wouldn’t get money simply by just join such religious organization. All we need is to be willing to give our best for organization’s kind and sincere with others, above all this is a religious organization, not a politic. Even if you got money from this such of religious organization, trust me, money isn’t stand forever. There is SOMEONE who always watch all of our move and one finish day will judge us with uprigth the best justice ever.

Well,😆 maybe that’s all my short review about my organization. Perhaps all of us could get a learn and be better by thru days.🙂

5 Responses to “Ikatan Remaja Masjid Al-Barokah (IRMAB) / Adolescent Moslem Organization of Al-Barokah Mosque”

  1. your english so good friend, can we exchange link? (blogroll)

  2. Hendrawan said

    met puasa..

  3. Samuel L. said

    After reading this article, I feel that I need more information on the topic. Can you share some more resources ?

  4. […] you know, buddy. I am a Secretary of an Islamic Adolescent Association named IRMAB Pekanbaru. But nearly it has come to the new structure of management, 2008/2009 Management. On 23 October we […]

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