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Your Career Choice According to Temperament

Posted by Zura on August 7, 2008

Dear Readers,

I’ve just walking around to search an article around working topics. I’m glad to share with you this unique article, it could be great reference to find out what are your type of temperament. Are you ready? Okay, let’s check this summary article out by lola sikula (, guyz.😉

Definitely, your temperament style affects the way you choose a career. Consider the following explanations:

1. Extraverts are career generalists who tend to use their skills in a wide variety of ways.

2. Introverts are career specialists who tend to use their skills in a narrower range but in greater depth.

3. Sensing types like their career to be continuous. They see their career as a ladder and look for the nest step based on the experience they already have.

4. Intuitives are oriented toward career change. They are likely to be inspired by the words “You can be anything you want to be”.

5. Thinking types have a career track in mind, one with a starting point and a goal. Their goal is usually to attain a certain amount of money, prestige or influence.

6. Feeling types adopt personal growth as their goal. Whether they leave or stay in a job depends upon whether they feel like doing so.

7. Judging types make plans for their careers. They hesitate to make moves that are not in their original plan without first establishing a new plan.

8. Perceptives prefer to take advantage of career opportunities and respond quickly to unexpected openings, useful connections, good breaks, or brighter lights.

What type are you? Can you pick yourself out from the preceding descriptions? Determine your own personality type by choosing one preference from each of the polarities, for instance: if you belong to category 1, 4, 6, 8, you are likely to have personality described under this category.

Categories and descriptions adopted from Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):

logical, decisive, systematic,objective, efficient, direct, practical, organized, impersonal, responsible,structured, conscientious.

activity-oriented, adaptable, fun-loving, versatile, energetic, alert, spontaneous, pragmatic, easygoing, persuasive, outgoing, quick.

conscientious, loyal, sociable,personable, responsible, harmonious, cooperative, tactful, thorough, responsive,sympathetic, traditional.

enthusiastic, adaptable,playful, friendly, vivacious, sociable, talkative, cooperative, easygoing, tolerant, outgoing, pleasant.

logical, decisive, playful, tough, strategic, critical, controlled, challenging, straightforward, objective, fair, theoretical.

enterprising, independent, outspoken, strategic, creative, adaptive, challenging, analytical, clever, resourceful, questioning, theoretical.

loyal, idealistic, personable, verbal, responsible, expressive, enthusiastic, energetic, diplomatic, concerned, supportive, congenial

creative, curious, enthusiastic, versatile, spontaneous, expressive, independent, friendly, perceptive, energetic, imaginative, restless.

factual, thorough, systematic, dependable, steadfast, practical, organized, realistic, duty bond, sensible, painstaking, reliable.

logical, expedient, practical, realistic, factual, analytical, applied, independent, adventurous, spontaneous, adaptable, self-determined.

detailed, conscientious, traditional, loyal, patient, practical, organized, service-minded, devoted, protective, meticulous, responsible.

caring, gentle, modest, adaptable, sensitive, observant, cooperative, loyal, trusting, spontaneous, understanding, harmonious.

independent, logical, critical, original, systems-minded, firm, visionary, theoretical, demanding, private, global, autonomous.

logical, skeptical, cognitive, detached, theoretical, reserved, precise, independent, speculative, original, autonomous, self-determined.

committed, loyal, compassionate, creative, intense, deep, determined, conceptual, sensitive, reserved, holistic, idealistic.

compassionate, gentle, virtuous, adaptable, committed, curious, creative, loyal, devoted, deep, reticent, empathetic.

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