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Discover Your Strengths by Feedback Analysis

Posted by Zura on August 7, 2008

Most people build their career mainly based on their qualification and experience. Unfortunately, they ignorethe most important asset they have for achieving success: their own strengths.

The reason why most people do not either know or care for their strengths is historical. In earlier days, peoplehardly had any need to now their strengths. A farmer’s son had to be a farmer and an artisan’s son, likewise, an artisan. There was little to choose from. But today, we face an enormous number of choices. Unless we know our strengths and use them, we risk getting into occupations that do not suit us. And consequently, going down the path of mediocrity.

So how to know our strengths?

Try Feedback Analysis (FA), a method suggested by Peter Drucker, who did not claim to be the inventor of this method. He traced its origin back to the 14th century by a German theologian.

FA works as follows:

a. Whenever you take a key decision or action, write down what you expect to happen.
b. Later, perhaps after a few days, weeks or months, compare the actual results with your own expectations.

According to Drucker, if practiced consistently, FA will reveal to you:

a. What are your strengths?
b. What you are doing or failing to do that deprives you of the full benefits of your strengths.
c. Where you are not particularly competent. It will also show the areas where you have no strengths and cannot perform.

Drucker also suggested the following actions once you know your strengths:

a. Concentrate on your strengths. Put yourself where your strengths can produce results.
b. Work on improving your strengths.
c. Stay away from activities in which you have no strengths and have little chance of becoming even a mediocre performer.

Why not let Feedback Analysis uncover the most precious asset you have: your strengths!

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