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Tips to be a Successful Blogger

Posted by Zura on May 23, 2008


Hi everyone…

Uh, long time no blog. Do you know why?😆 I’ve been busy by online reviewing and take half of my time on ebay.😀 Besides, I have nothing to write on my blog. Oh, there was… But I don’t know how to explain and share it to you..😛

And now I got the idea. It’s about how to be a successful blogger. While browsing I try to find out how to get buzz for your blog, or make your blog famous at least.😳 Me, as example. I wanted to have large numbers of readers, but I don’t know how to get it. Fortunately I found below tips, perhaps I can implement all of the traits. Alright, just keep your eyes read tips below😉 :

1. Creative and Playful

You have to present a creative and playful content into your blog. Bring something new and communicative post to your readers so that you are helped to develop in maturity and influence in their niche.

2. Innovative

Often ‘innovative’ is used to describe a blogger’s use of technology – but it goes well beyond this. Innovative bloggers are those that are able to extend and explore their topic in ways that others are not. They are thought leaders and forge into new ground not only in the way that they present in what they say.

3. Connectors

Most successful bloggers that I’ve interacted with have an insatiable desire to connect with as many people as they can. They have an ability to connect not only with their readers but other bloggers and key people in both the online and offline world. Their networks are often far reaching – enabling them to draw on all kinds of relationships when needed.

4. Community Enablers

There are many blogs with great information – but it’s those that are able to draw in and build up a community of passionate and energetic people that often go to the next level. Readers are no longer satisfied just to consume content – they want to participate and belong online. Successful bloggers don’t always actively participate in or lead the community aspect of their blogs but they do have an ability to attract other community builders and to empower them to build a community around the content on the blog.

5. Information Mavens

Successful bloggers are often quite addicted to the gathering of information. What sets them apart from other information gatherers is their ability to filter the vast quantities of information that they collect and to identify and communicate that which applies to others.

6. Communicators

Some might think that this point is all about bloggers having the ability to write well – but that is only part of being a good communicator. Successful bloggers have a knack of knowing connecting with readers that goes beyond the way they use words. Good communication has more to do with knowing your audience and connecting with their needs and desires. Successful bloggers have the ability to trigger some sort of response in their reader.

7. Interest

Bloggers know how to be interesting – but being interesting starts with being interested. Most successful bloggers that I’ve met would blog on their chosen topic for free – because they have some kind of passion or interest in it themselves. This energy that they have for their topic shines through and is infectious to others. It’s one of the main reasons that readers are drawn to them.

8. Entrepreneurs

Successful bloggers are always on the look out for opportunities to go to the next level. They leverage what they currently have to grow something more. They don’t just rely upon others to make their dreams a reality but are self starters and ‘doers’ that go and get what they want.

9. Originality

It is difficult to be unique in the blogging space but successful bloggers find ways to make what they do stand out from the crowd. They develop a distinct voice, use media in different ways and develop their own unique spin on life that sets them apart from the rest.

10. Perseverance

Successful bloggers know that it takes time to grow a blog and look past those initial awkward months (and longer) after a blog is launched to motivate them to persevere. They do know when to give up when something isn’t working but also have an ability to develop their blog’s with focus and discipline and unswerving conviction over the long haul.

11. Focus

What strikes me about many of the most successful blogs out there is that in a time where there’s an incredible development of new technology happening that many of them don’t allow themselves to get distracted by it. Yes they experiment and play with new ways of delivering content to readers but they don’t become distracted from their core task of producing useful and engaging content for readers. Being able to identify what matters most and sticking to it is so important – particularly in a medium with so many time sucking distractions.

12. Curiosity

Finally, one of the traits that I see in many great bloggers is a restlessness and a dissatisfaction with the current state of play in their world/blog/industry. They are not content to sit comfortably but are always exploring, pushing boundaries and experimenting. They are curious people who are always asking ‘what if….?’ – a question that leads to all kinds of discoveries and possibilities that the rest of us could only dream of discovering.

So, let’s implement above tips to get succeed in blogging, dude…😉

Oopz, there is something left behind.😛 Please leave your comment or share if there is any additional tips.😳


Source : Problogger

9 Responses to “Tips to be a Successful Blogger”

  1. […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptFortunately I found below tips, perhaps I can implement all of the traits. Alright, just keep your eyes read tips below :. 1. Creative and Playful. You have to present a creative and playful content into your blog. … […]

  2. princeoffeelings said

    very nice post , very helpful too.

    Thanx , I would be glad to visit my blog.

  3. z03r4 said

    thanx 4 d compliment pricneoffeelings…🙂
    I’d be glad to serve nice contents onto my blog…

    Happy surfing.😉

  4. shazanateh82 said

    hye zo3r4,
    salam perkenalan kembali…
    terima kasih ya.
    doakan keputusan examnya baik juga….

  5. Lithologic said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Lithologic!!

  6. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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