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What to do on Internet? ;)

Posted by Zura on March 26, 2008

Hi guyz.. Watcha doing?

Today I really bored, know why? It caused I have nothing to do except browsing all the time.😮 Actually I should take my salary today or tomorrow, but till now I’m sitting here to wait for work time’s over.😆 So all I do is just, browsing and do several activity on Internet, including this, blogging.😳

I’m quite confused what to do with my salary, it’s not because my salary’s high. No, no at all.😛 I’m quite confused because it’s getting near to payday. Hah, payday! I must pay my brother’s school fee, pay hire charges of my house, then electricity bill, family budget for next month, manage my own monthly budget, also I got another addition fees that must I clear about. Oh God!!!😮 Meanwhile my salary is not enough to pay it at all.🙂

Sick of think about it, I decide to shopping online.😀 Searching for some clothes. Thanks God I found counts of online clothes shop located in Indonesia, such as , ,, and For International sites,, is marvelous. So I can make my eyes satisfied for just looking for new model or trend of fashion in Indonesia. Quite interesting!😆

I found much out there that not really mastering about computer or internet, me? I’m not mastering it, just know “a few” and often using it since I work in a office which provide Internet connection for daily work.😆 So, I can learn anything either about computer or Internet. I have tips for you guyz how to optimize your time on Internet :

1. ) Do not wasting all of your times for chatting.

Even chatting is great to expand your friendship relation with other friends all over the world, chatting has more harm then the good side, I think. Most netters do chatting for wrong purposes. But I’m not prohibit you at all to use chat services…🙂 Just to warn you that there is much way to make your time more useful. I do chatting occasionaly or if necessary, though.😉

2.) Browsing is good to enhance your Internet experiences

Yupz, browsing about anything. We can find various information we need from Internet, whatever is it. Even there are thousands of result that you’ll face out, however, actually you’ll get more experiences by surfing websites. You gotta know various kind of website addresses, find out multiples advantages from information source, huh, I can’t explain it clearly.😆 But I mean it. Yeah, you could find so much advantages from Internet, enhance your acknowledgement, even you can take course free from Internet. For business or personal purpose, you can download softwares from Internet that make easier to do work. Then sometimes browsing can also help you to doing your duties. Etc.🙂 But be careful when you browse information, because some of them was contained viruses. You should have anti-virus to lead you safe.

3.) Try to get money from Internet

You can not only enhance your acknowledge and experiences on Internet, but also you can get money through. But be careful! There are thousands of money maker sites which are scam and only cheat you to wasting your time, and sometimes was contained viruses too. First you must knowing or browsing for “scam sites” or “black list sites” for your own safe. For your references, I suggest “myLot“, SponsoredReviews” , “hits4pay“, blogging with google adsense, google search, and google referal for making money online. Or you can join trusted MLM (Multi Level Marketing) such as Krching.

Also you can get job from Internet. Numbers of site on Internet provide you tools to help you find the best job for you. Indonesian,,, and is good to be your guide and trusted source.😉

4.) Blogging

I do wasting most of my time for bloggin. On this matter we can use such as,,,,,, , etc. You can make money through your blogs too. But it depends of your desire and your willing to make your blog well-known.😆 and I, myself, till now I still try to promote my blogs too. You can blogging about anything and if you don’t know what fill the contain, simply you can just browse for any related topics about on Internet then translate an enhance it to be your own opinion. Remember to put the source.🙂 You can add some nice tools to your blog too.

5.) Learn from Internet

There are thousand sites out there which give you access to learn about acknowledgement online. There are two types, one is you must pay for the fee. The second, of course, free. It’s depend of what kind of acknowledge you’re wanted for. For various or education sites, I suggest, try . I’ve attended their language course, it’s fantastic, also effective, and the most important for netter, FREE.😆 is good for you to learn about computer (for Indonesian, dude!)😉. Also if you wanted to enhance your acknowledgement about this world, you can put these site to your mind (if you’re Indonesian) ;,, ,,,, much more!

Okay, I guess my above explanation doesn’t enough to describe how valuable Computer and Internet are if you wanted to explore and get more. So, don’t be confused to surfe on Internet. Just get your things, and get something more!.

So, Happy Surfing on Internet!!!

I Love Internet!😳

3 Responses to “What to do on Internet? ;)”

  1. lilsnoopy said

    this website really does give you free money it’s not a fake and they make money for advertising so that’s how they can give away money and the lowest you can take out is $10 unlike other ones i just strarted this i was referred by a friend he told me it works good so i thought i would share so enjoy🙂

  2. Jenny said

    Tell me more about paid review ? How does it work ?

  3. z03r4 said

    Paid reviews made simple, jenny.

    If you wish me to letting people know about your Company, or in the other mean you wanna buy a review from me. Simply you can just point your mouse to the right side of this blog, then click ‘buy a review on this blog’ banner.

    If you wanna know more about paid review, just email me.
    Glad to share with you. Thanks for comment😉

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