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Oh My GoD!!! – II

Posted by Zura on February 27, 2008



Hi there!!!😀

What’s up?? Thanks for your firmness to read my blog again .😛

Okay, this time I wanna try to share / carry on my first write about Oh My GoD!!!

I’ve been choosed as Secretary effectively on thursday, 21 December 2007 after joining “Remaja Mesjid” for 1 (one) weeks. In short, Remaja Mesjid members were seeking for a better  one to handle all about secretarial in their society field. Maybe they dislike their old secretary, I dunno exactly what’s the reason, all I know is just, other members dislike her because she can’t do her duties well.😐 So that night, K’ Iwid offered me that position and since we know that I really want it, I accepted. Then be it, one week after, I’ve been secretary.

Few months before, not much I’ve done to fulfill my mission. But, I’ve got the plan but can’t make sure it possible. All I do is just, make invitation letter for other Remaja Mesjid members to come to Mosque once a week to attend what we called “Wirid Mingguan“. Yupz, and then since we make an establisment for another section, in Bahasa you gotta find it to be “Majalah Dinding (Mading)”😛 I dunno what to call in English, Wall Magazine, maybe..😀 , I usually submit my articles. Yeah, I just do it both.

Then year changes, 2007 has gotta be 2008… We got so much ideas from other members, especially from Bang Riki (back to The Guy Next Door series, dude!😉 ). He’s much brilliant idea to grow up our organization, also Mas Cholis, Ustad Surya, Bang Ashral, and others… But now, Bang Riki’s not live here any again.. It’s because he’s quite from his job as Programmer in a Printing Office near to our environment, he moved to Bangkinang (a Pekanbaru’s down town). Awaiting for his next application to Bank Riau, he’s waiting for recruitment announcement determined whether he was approved to their employee or not. (Perhaps he gets that job, since we all know that he’s a talented person).

And now I think we’ve got brilliant plan what to do to our organization. We must make it to be famous and active. Yeah, that’s our mission. We start from Sports field. We start it on January till now. There must be an obstacle, but that’s okay, so so. Nope, the obstacle is just how to divide the schedule for adults and teenagers. Since the purpose to grow up the sport field is to make teenagers active and to make our relationship to be better and health. But we must aware that those fields is for public purpose, not only for teenagers around.🙂

Yupz… Then I tried to create some ideas. Then I suggest it to Ustad, thanks God!! So far all my ideas have been accepted.😛 One of the idea is to reshuffle the management structure of Al-Barokah’s Mosque. I suggested on 21 February, then we realize a meeting to discuss it on monday, 24 February… Then on 26 February we hold a gathering for dinner together during Legalize the new management structure of IRMAB (Ikatan Remaja Mesjid Al-Barokah) 2008 and explain next views, plans, and duties.

And the result :

1. ) Stuktur Organisasi Ikatan Remaja Mesjid Al-Barokah tahun 2008

2.) Agenda Kegiatan Remaja Periode Februari s.d Maret 2008

3.) IRMAB’s Logo Contest.

4.) IRMAB’s Members Profile Plan

5.) Camera Procurement for Documentation

6.) Others.

 Yeah, Perhaps we can do all of our duties well and we can reach what we’ve dreaming on, to make our organization active, wellknown, succeed, and useful. :P Something like that, dude.😀

I really happy for  this position, coz I don’t have such this challange on my own career.. I got experience from this media. Do all things about secretarial, eventhough in a small field. But that’s okay, at least I can chanalize my ability for a good purpose. But one thing disturb me is, what about the feeling of the old secretary who her position has turned down to be Decoration Section??? Wew, that’s trouble. But I just can hope that she’s gonna be okay..🙂

So, I’d like to welcome MY NEXT IDEA to optimize our organization!!!😀

Thanks for share! Luv ya!😳



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