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♥ The Guy Next Door – 10 (Perhaps, the last.. ;) ♥

Posted by Zura on January 14, 2008

LoveI'm in love


Huuhh, what a tiring and complicated story, isn’t? However I have the most important thing to do, guess what? Of course, what else, finishing the story of “The Guy Next Door”…😛

Hmm, I’m confused wanna start what with. But I’ll try.

You see, I’ve rejected Bang Riki’s love. With two reasons, first because I’ve loved someone else, second, simply because I don’t wanna hold any relationship with any guys.  I don’t wanna be hurt or suffer any problems of love. And at least for now, I just wanna free. And thanks God, he accepted my reason.. Pity guy..😦

Do you know? I’ve started to hold a connection with Bang Ashral, since I like him and Mas Cholise tell me that he has apart of his hearth for me, which have other mean, he like me, and he has it long time ago. What should I do? Yupz, I have nothing to do. I just let it flow by now.

And at sunday night, I sent Bang Ashral this message, I meant it to be just a joke… But last night he realize it to be serious. oh God!!!

” I Luv U”

“I Luv U”

“I Luv U”

“I Luv U”

“I Luv U”

Hey, Don’t get excited! I also luv V,W,X,Y, and Z…!! Gotcha..😉 “

You see, I’m glad to send my friends joke messages. But I dunno why he realize it to be serious..

Last night, one of my friend from ‘Remaja Mesjid’ ask us to join them visit our friend’s mother, she adapt a disease.. I dunno what’s that name… Something like womb cancer… Then I said yes, we’ll join you all…

Then about 8 p.m , Bang Ashral ask us too… with the same aim, of course. But he offered me to go with him… How could I say, of course I can’t go with him… We’re four, Me, K’ Iwid, Netty, and Yona.. And we have two motorcycle to operate. Of course, at last, Netty with me and K’ Iwid with Yona. Then Ustad Surya with his friend, Bang Riki with Mas Cholise, Fitri with Endang, and Bang Ashral’s alone…😀 Hihihi….

But our journey’s not going well… Coz no one of us know Mila’s mother.. so, we’re on topsy turvy dire journey, go strait, then get back, turn back, oh God! Exhausting… K’ Iwid, Netty, and Yona were curse Fitri… They’re really mad with her, coz she give us wrong direction with an inconvenience manner. Then after about less than one hour, we decided to back home. We’ve through Sungai Batak… hihihi, wanna disturb people’s that hold a love affair…😉 hahaaa, then then we run over it, the way lead to kulim…

Now, we’ve back home… But, Bang Ashral and Bang Riki’ve came first. We dunno what to do? We really regret that we can’t meet Mila’s mother… So, I decided to call Ustad Surya….. OH DAMN!!! they’ve reached it… Why don’t they tell us!! Astaghfirullah.. I have no word, then I give my phone to Bang Ashral so he can talk with him. And Bang Ashral ask me, Shall we go back? Then, I decided it’s better to continue our plan… Here we are… GO BACK!!! And now is 9.14 p.m … OH MY GOD!

But do you know something? When we’ve lost the way… Bang Ashral ask me to talk with him… face to face, just us, no body else… Oh No.. Now what! But I can’t… I refuse him. I just not ready to face that matter. I’m really affraid. He ask me, Was my message true? (Please see above message, you can find it there…) Then I said, of course not, it’s just a joke. Then he said, for me it’s not only a joke, he realize it so serious. Oh My… I have no word… I just can say that it’s only a joke.. Then he looked melancholy, how pity he is… Next, he offer me, after this journey, he really wanna talk with me.. He wait me at home… Then I said yes, is it hard to say yes?? Hahaaa, so easy, babe.. But actually, I’m really scared and confused. :P 🙂

Yupz… at last, it’s over… Now we must turn back home after visited Mila’s house… You know, I really admire Bang Ashral, not only because he’s sweet and intelect, but I like the way he talk, the way he do something… He’s so charming, mature, and wise man.. Beside, he spend lot of his time on mosque… Where I can find such man on the next future??? I dunno, maybe I’ve fallen in love with him. But I just can’t admit it… Because of my shit principles..🙂

 Upon get home, we gathered on Neti’s house again for just a while, wanna talk and discuss our journey. Then a few second, Bang Ashral and Bang Riki’re arrived. They join us, but Bang Ashral ask me, Do I remember what he talk about? He wanna talk face to face with me. Oh GOD!!! Please forgive me…. I can’t… I really can’t, and just can’t. Why don’t he choose other place if he wanna talk with me… Good place, not in our environment, I wanted special place… So, I refuse… Then he said, that’s okay, tomorrow is another day. Then he go, he’s an appointment with his friends… God! He looks really dissapointed.

I’m going to be bored, sleepy, and worried. Then I decide to go back home, it’s half of 11 p.m already. But When I almost reach my house, they yell at me, wanted me to stop and back.. Bang Ashral’s back… Hah? So fast… I wanna go back, but he seems don’t care, I just can look at him… then enter my house… I dont know Bang Ashral will join them. Then I’m gonna asleep. But, I don’t know, why I can’t.. I just think about guilty fear. I’ve dissapointed a good man… Bang Ashral… Please forgive me! Hope you understand with my situation.🙂

12 p.m already, but seems, I’ve got insomnia this latest day…😛 I can’t sleep, I just keep thinking and thinking about him. My phone’s charging by my brother. Hmm, it’s better if I do something with my mobile.😉 How surprised? There are three messages coming!! And it’s from Bang Ashral  also K’ Iwid….

Bang Ashral said, “But I know that I luv U… Only U… because I can’t remember and see another alphabet in every I remember and see U… “

The second message, ” Have a nice dream…”

Hahahaaa.. How I must supposed to do….

Then K’ Iwid tell me, that he try to ask about me.. Has he a chance to be with me? Then she said that he must be patient, coz zura’s never faced such a thing before… then he ask, how long….

How a pity guy? I don’t what to do with him…

Then I send him this message, of course about half of 1 p.m, told him that I can’t close my eyes… maybe I’ve got insomnia these latest day… then I sorry for my late reply, coz I was charging my mobile. And I dunno there are messages coming.  Then I said, Maybe some text’s missing.. But, if you realize it to be true, actually it isn’t a wrong statement for sure… have a nice dream…

Then he reply at 1.35 p.m, wuhuuu.. He can’t sleep too… He said ” There is no text’s missing.. and now I hope you can learn to love ME… not only V,W,X,Y, and Z…”

What does it mean, guyz?!

Learn to love ME? Is it mean to him…. maybe.🙂

Oh God… what I must supposed to do? now, if he wanna be my boyfriend, what should I say?? Yes or No.. I’m afraid to make others dissapointed, and also myself… If I say yes,, so I’ve just eat my words… What if others complaint about my decision?? What should I say… I don’t wanna other interrogate me even a single about that. But, honestly, I love him.. really…

So, I guess.. this is maybe my last story about ” The Guy Next Door”. I mean, I wanna change the title for the next writing.. to be,”My Love flows at mosque???” or “My Love flows at Volleyball field???” huuhhh… so what?  “Secret Admirer???” Because I can’t love one of my “f4 tak jelas”, of course you know who… Bang Rian/Riki/Gayo’s/Didi…

I don’t know… Hey, Why don’t I ask Bang Ashral to choose the title?? Hahahaa…. nonsense…

So, What’s gonna coming next??? 


2 Responses to “♥ The Guy Next Door – 10 (Perhaps, the last.. ;) ♥”

  1. […] Posts ¶ Oh My GoD!!! ¶♥ The Guy Next Door – 10 (Perhaps, the last..😉 ♥Oh My GoD!!! – II♥ The Guy Next Door – 6 […]

  2. jadi malu…….berawal dari salah sangka eh jadi keterusan…..habis ilana jahil sech. suka ngirimin sms fun joke….kirain benaran eh cuma becanda…

    tapi ceris rasa dia mah serius ngiriminna…sdah ketebak koq dia naksir ceris….hehehehehe😆

    tapi dianya aja malu2…coba jujur aja…ga bakalan d tolak koq…😛

    cuma kayana ceritana g lengkap dech…ad beberapa kisah yang di lewatin…seperti…. :

    1. sebenarna ceris brusaha nembak dia ga sekali…g salah ad 2 kali…
    2. ila g criatain sejak kapan dia jatuh cinta ama cheris…
    3. iala g jelasin apa cerisna d terima ato g…
    4. kesan ila waktu pertama ktmu ma cheris…

    ya masih banyak lagi dech…

    yang paling penting doain aja kami langgeng ampe ujung waktu y guys…

    wish we luck…w/ this relationship…..😉
    thanks GBU!!!😆

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