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♥ The Guy Next Door – 7 ♥

Posted by Zura on December 27, 2007


Hello, diary…😀

Wow, what a exhausting story… I thing that this story’s got the end several weeks ago. But now I found that it’s still have the continue…😛 I was really excited.

I start to knowing about that guyz when I try to make friends with several friends around my house. Even I can’t adapt myself in their conversation, but I’ve tried and slowly it works!! It seems, they know so much news and story about those guyz who living behind my house. You see, firstly, I think that I’m falling in love with one of them. And I thought that he like me too.

But, before I speak too much, I wanna tell you their names… Rian, Riki, Gayo’s, and Didi. Rian was born in 1981, Riki was 1984, and if I don’t have mistakes, Gayo’s and Didi was 1986. Yeah! they was too old so far from me, while I am 1989.

And along with my story, the guy that  I thought has stolen my heart with irresponsibility and I thought that he like me too, I dunno…. Just I know that he eventually love a girl, my friend, live beside of my house. She usually gathered in her friend’s house, located across our house. Oh My! So, so far it’s happened, MISSUNDERSTANDING. Rian loves kak wiwid. Not me. But something you must know, I’ve declare that I’m not too like him. I just admire his handsomeness. But when I look him at close, oh God, now I know that he’s not too cute and cool as I thought.

Time passed, now I’ve made friend with them… also with Rian and Riki (I dunno about Gayo’s and Didi, they never with us when we gathered.. ) Hey, I found something interesting, Riki’s sweet too… But he look older than Rian…😛

Actually after I’ve been secretary in that mosque, I have so many duties, yeah of course about correspondence. And I like to submit articles to our MADING (in English one, maybe it means Wall Magazine, I dunno the terms, lol, pardon me..🙂 ) . So, it give me a chance to make myself close to Riki, coz he handle that job… So, time’s gone… Me, Netty, K’ Wiwid, Rian, Riki, n Adi were often gather on night. So, we getting closer. And you see, I love playing badminton, so latest news, I often play badminton with Rian, and Netty. Seldom Riki and Adi. I dunno, maybe because I like to play badminton when day off, maybe they love to play badminton too, so they join us.😛

Oh God! It’s really hunting me. Two nights ago, Riki’s start to persuade me. He said that I’m lovely. Oh God!!! That’s horrible. Really horrible! I never ever think or imagine before that he’s gonna love me (like or admire me, whatever!) . What should I do? meanwhile i think that he’s sweet. But I really can’t love him… Riki, I’m sorry. But, if you try real hard, maybe  should make a consideration. It depends of your effort, honey.😀

And last night, it’s raining. But I must give an meeting invitation to Riki. So be it, I give it to him. And when I reach my house, straightly he send a SMS, told that he didn’t catch what have I said, as he always look at me with… oh I dunno why, it’s really walk in disorder. But I didn’t have pulse, my pulse’s Rp 39,- left. Hahaa…. So, I just let it go. But, you see, Netty and K’ Wiwid come to my house for asking the invitation, coz they’re gonna give it to ustad. But, I have gave it to Riki. Hahhaaa, Do you know ?! Guess What!! We, together, come along to Riki’s house!!! But Rian welcome us first. And they (K’ wiwid and Rian was ashamed.. We all know they’re falling in love each other.. ). So, Rian told us that Riki’s taking a bath. But I dunno, as we wanna turn back, he came quickly and Rian give the invitation to K’ wiwid. Oh GOd! How could it supposed to be, Riki’s trying to tease me again. But, it’s really bother me…

After that, We (Me, Netty, and K’ Wiwid) gather in my house, waiting for the rain to stop, yeah, we do start to discuss like assamble of girls gathering,… LOL😀 . But I have never ever supposed that Rian and Adi will join us too!!! OH NO! I haven’t word. But actually, they joined us when I was talking with Ibun via telephone. I dunno for what reason Ibu call me, but it’s really nice. It was an advantage. We’re talking in English, not in bahasa. So maybe they admire me (Please, don’t turn it to be bad! I hate being hated). After I finished our conversation, hey… Where are they?? Netty’s back to her house, and K’ wiwid’s too… They leave me alone, while I must accompany Rian and Adi. Aaaargggghhhh!!!! what should I do? RIAN?! No… Finally I found that I can’t love him. You see, Rian and Adi admire me. They like the way I talking in English. And Rian like the way I faced my life. Oh No! it’s going into trouble. Do you know something? They forbid me to be a career woman, because of course I look for a better guy. They suggest me to be an ordinary girl. WHAT A SILLY?! They forbid to be a success lady.. But I got it, at least I try to understand…

And seriously he ask me, if somebody that.. what is it, I dunno what to explain it in English😛 , He asked me, Would I accept an ordinary guy to be my boyfriend, or husband? Hahahhaa…. that was so funny.. So, I answered, “I dunno..” I have no word to kidding, and worst I have no idea to say what unless  I dunno. So, who is that ordinary guy? Oh, don’t tell me it’s supposed to Riki. I really confused.. SOMEBODY!! PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! But, I’ll really loose my mind if it supposed to be Rian.

You see, I suggest Rian to ask K’ Wiwid to be his girlfriend. haha, He’s so looser. He can’t accept a refusal. Meanwhile we all know that Rian and K’ Wiwid were really falling in love each other. Guess what, he ask me back.. If K’ wiwid refuse him, Would I accompany him?! To accompany his broken heart. And be with him when he sad??? oh Plis, somebody tell me, what were that words mean?

And you know, ackowledge that I can speak English, he realize that the girl who always singing at bathroom when the afternoon left was me. So, so far he didn’t know who’s singing? Wow, Sucks… But I really don’t realize that he like it. So, he entertained by my voice. And you see, I’ve just realize too that that guy who singing at bathroom was him. hahhaaa… what a coincidence! But it’s really haven’t any influence.😛

Ah, maybe I couldn’t tell all of our conversation last night. However, would this story will go on??? Should it has any continuence? How it would affect my love story?

We’re all waiting, diary. But can’t hope too much.😛

See ya…😉

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