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Posted by Zura on December 19, 2007

SecretaryofficeHello guyz…

Glad to write again. Hope you didn’t bored to read my boring diary.😉


I just wanna share my happiness, that my contract will be extend. Yeah, I’m just a temporary employment in this office, about 6 (six) months that can be extend to be a year. Basically I thought that my contract will be no longer exist till the end of this year, but thanks God, my Boss was really really very kind that he wanna recommand me to extend my contract. Oh God! So thank you very much.

You see guyz, based on my friends said that, Noone can pay me with that salary. In Indonesia, there was a standard minimum payment, it was really low. And I’m include in above of that standard. Maybe it’s because my achievement. God knows!

So be it, my family’s got what they’ve wished. Because I have big responsibilites to my family, such as hiring our house, pay my brother school fees, general debet, oh sucks! Meanwhile I am the only one that must pay for that. Eventually my grandma has had a job, but the salary is just enough to help me to pay cost life. Oh GOd! Now, I’m waiting for a better position or better career, so these expenses will not too burden me. 😛

LOL, tomorrow is Eid-Ul-Adha. Just wanna said Eid Mubarak to all of you! Please forgive all my mistakes and lackness. And for my other religion friends, Just wanna say Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

God Blessing!!😀Office

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