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¶ Oh My GoD!!! ¶

Posted by Zura on December 18, 2007

Mosque's Teenagers Organization


Hey, easy! nothing serious happen here. hehehe😀

Mosque isn’t too far from my house. You see, so many teenagers live around me included children of course. At that mosque (named Al-Barokah), there was an organization for moslem teenagers, in Indonesian it called “Remaja Masjid”. At that Mosque it named “IRMAB (Remaja Masjid Al-Barokah (oh don’t ask me to translete it to be english! ( it something like moslem teenagers organization under a an authorized of a Mosque)😉 ) Firstly, I didn’t interested to be included as one of them. As I know I don’t have any talent on organizing. But they had invited me twice to follow what we call “wirid” or somewhat intern meeting between moslem teenagers  on that Mosque. So I have no idea to refuse it. Besides I don’t want to make my mother dissapointed, coz who else can attend such a meeting hold in our environment unless me and my brother.

 So be it, I, with half of willingness attend it (upz, half of willingness, not really😉 . And that was my first, but only a few people present there coz many of members are on exam. And I have met the leader, treasurer, secretary, and a little members. But the secretary came late. So actually before she came, they (the members) ask and choose me as the new secretary there. I don’t know what happened here before, but people tell me that she’s not good to be secretary. I don’t know, maybe she’s less than active in organization. But as far as I know she done her work well, but the member told me her not. Whatever…😛  I’m so excited, but not too surprised. Coz I have intended myself to be secretary, and be it. Informarly, I have been secretary there.

But I don’t know about the system, I must receive somewhat like statement from the  old secretary formarly, for her availability to transfer her position to me. Or something like that, you know what I mean.

You know, if I have been secretary in there, you see, I have so many plan. Perhaps they can accept my future plan with their full of willingness. But, I am really afraid with a word, REJECTION. Especially accompany with a bad word. But don’t worry, I’ll try to mention my plan one by one smoothly. The only problem now is just, what plan? lol 😛

Yeah, I hope since I had been secretary there I can lead it to succeed of our organization. TOGETHER. Pray to me.


5 Responses to “¶ Oh My GoD!!! ¶”

  1. Lucgeta said

    Secretary is a very important position in all organizations, it makes things go smoother, and the other people can work in their area of expertise.
    Hope all runs well for you and you get a chance to formulate your plan hehehe

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  4. Allen said

    Hi Ms. Dewey Azura,

    I’m Allen, a graduate university student here in the Philippines (University of the Philippines) taking up Masters in Asian Studies. I wondered if you could help me locate the sites of protests in Indonesia. I found out that you are a member of the Remaja Masjid and thought maybe you could help me on this.

    Thanks, and wish you’d help me out. This is for the purpose of my planned research.



  5. z03r4 said

    Hi too, allen. How are you..🙂
    Yeah, i’m a secretary on a Remaja Mesjid in my place.
    Well, I’m pleased to help you.

    So how may I assist you, allen? Please drop an email to😉


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