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♥ The Guy Next Door – 5 ♥

Posted by Zura on December 5, 2007

Wow, I dunno this stupid and silly story have the continue… I supposed to be don’t care with this situation. How could I carry on this matter?? I really confused, no where to share except this place, my blog..🙂

This morning, when I’m gonna go to work, I hear the sound of his bike… Maybe he gotta go.  Actually I don’t really care, but I dunno why this time my heart’s beating so hard… So, I ask my brother to hurry up give my bike’s key and also the helmet. Hahaa, but what happened? He go first than me. But He must pass my house before reach the road..😛 So I can see him, but I really don’t realize that he wanna see me too.. Oh God!! Now I’m in beside my bike, ready to go. U c, he saw me twice already.. First when I put my bag on a hanging of my bike, I didn’t see him straightly. Just spying at the mirror of my windows..🙂 Second, When he almost reach the road.. Oh no! I guess he wouldn’t turn his head back, but he really done it already… Hahahaa… I dunno what that’s mean…😀 What do you think? I guess he really get anxious to find out how my face look like.. Hahahaa… I dunno, just guess. He go out with his friend, but his friend’s drive it, not him.

Oh yeah, I forgot tell you something… One of my neighbor’s passed away yesterday. I really wanna visit them, even just for following Yasiin perusal.. U c, this thing makes me aware that life’s so short. Oh God!! Please forgive all my mistakes and my sins. I have forgot you by time’s through. I don’t wanna stay away from You, You’re my life, my breath, my God.. Amin Yaa Rabbal ‘Alamiin…🙂

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